Friday 9 November 2012

Vans Road To Warped Tour // Less Than Jake & New Found Glory Live Review & Photo Gallery

It’s been thirteen years since the infamous Vans Warped Tour graced UK shores, however it’s back and not doing things by halves. The main event may be tomorrow in London, but the ‘Warped tour bus’, so to speak, has been making its way around the country for the past week on “The Road To Warped Tour”.

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Less Than Jake on stage in Leeds
Yesterday we brought you an interview with The Story So Far’s bassist Kelen Capener, who is also on The Road To Warped Tour. He sat down with us to chat about the new record, touring, and how he isn’t very fond of British food. Click HERE to read the interview in full. Today we’re bringing you all the highlights from two monumental sets by Less Than Jake and New Found Glory.

Less Than Jake in Leeds
Less Than Jake is a band that refuses to age and neither do their songs. After twenty years they are as vibrant and infectious as ever. From the fans that’ve been there since the beginning, to those who were barely born when they first started, they are all united tonight. Classic ska tracks such as “Look What Happened” and “Liquor Store” are mixed with on stage banter, and they really pull the crowd into the performance. At one point they even arrange on  stage dance off between two topless, overweight men; you wouldn’t get that at any other show now would you?

New Found Glory doesn’t let the energy levels drop as they begin their headline set. Playing pretty much the entirety of their 2002 offering, “Sticks And Stones”, they blitz through tracks such as “Forget My Name”. Pop-influenced melodies are fused with fast riffs and their performance is relentless from beginning to end. “Great Houdini” is pop-punk at its finest and when New Found Glory is done with “Sticks And Stones” they don’t stop there. Four bands in and the crowd is still going strong urged on by the fervent New Found Glory boys who play a handful more classic tracks such as hit single “Dressed To Kill”.

New Found Glory on stage in Leeds
Both acts proved tonight that they are as relevant today as ever. Far from purely a nostalgia trip, both Less Than Jake and New Found Glory confirm that they are still at the top of their game. Tonight has been a voyage through the evolution and future of pop-punk, proving that it, and indeed punk in general is definitely not dead. 
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 Less Than Jake

New Found Glory