Sunday 18 November 2012

Tyl​er Hilton // Live Benef​it for Hurricane San​dy, 25th November

Next Sunday- November 25th, Tyler will host a live concert on which he's dubbing his birthday party. However, in lieu of gifts, he's raising funds for his charity organization "TH Books For Kids", and all donations will go directly to benefiting schools and libraries affected by Hurricane Sandy.  
Tyler is also rewarding those fans who raise the most money for the cause: the top 4 donors will receive a personal shout-out from Tyler, signed Tyler Hilton merchandise, and a $25 gift card courtesy of Cold Stone Creamery so they can join in with his Birthday celebrations. 

Want to find out more and how you can be involved? Click below... 

Tyler Hilton's Worldwide Birthday Party LIVE online at StageIt, to benefit Hurricane Sandy victims
Sunday, November 25th
3pm EST [8pm GMT]

An announcement by the man himself explaining a little about the benefit concert...

There are still a few tickets left so click HERE to get yours now!

& here is a little more from Tyler about his charity-
I first started TH Books For Kids back in 2004 to celebrate my 21st birthday, and our first major event was after Hurricane Katrina hit. I was humbled by how quickly and unexpectedly we could lose everything, the devastation was unreal. So I tried to use what I do best to do my part to help give back to those in need. Along with my fans, we were able to raise money, buy books, and help to rebuild the library at a local elementary school in New Orleans. Since then, we’ve helped numerous children’s hospitals and participated in some amazing events to promote childhood literacy and encourage interest in reading all over the country.

It’s been so rough to hear what’s been happening on the East Coast as a result of Hurricane Sandy and TH Books for Kids has a real opportunity to help rebuild. 

Want to know what you can expect from the live show & read an our interview with Tyler? Click HERE