Friday 26 April 2013

Hit The Deck Nottingham - The Interviews // We Are The In Crowd

We Are The In Crowd have built a strong fanbase over in the UK and are not only over here to play Hit The Deck Bristol and Nottingham but also to embark on tour with Never Shout Never over the next few weeks.
We chatted with the band before they went on stage in Nottingham. They told us about playing festivals, working on new material and their love for British food. To read the full interview and see what we thought of their live show click below...

How’s it going guys? How was Hit The Deck round 1 in Bristol last night?
ROB [Chianelli, drums]- Yeah, it was really good.
MIKE [Ferri, bass]- Yeah, it was a successful night; we hit the deck [laughing]. A little hungover but we paced ourselves because we’re saving ourselves for tonight.

You’ve been playing in mainland Europe and have got Hit The Deck before another headline leg- is it quite nice having a 2 day festival in between and catching up with other bands that you know?
CAMERON [Hurley, guitar]- Yeah, it’s cool. We don’t get to sound-check, but apart from that it’s cool because there are all these other bands on the festival and it brings a lot of people in.
MIKE- We haven’t played a headline set in a little while either, so it gives us a really nice way to transition in to it. We did a support slot in the states so forty minutes and then co-headline Europe with Never Shout Never which was like fifty minutes. And now we’ve got Hit The Deck (which is an hour) and then starting tomorrow headline sets so we’re in better shape for it now. Rob looks real good naked, real good [laughing].
ROB- Thanks! We don’t have a lot of friends on this festival to be honest, apart from We Are The Ocean and Never Shout Never so we need to go out and make friends.
MIKE- There are bands that we like a lot here, like “Title Fight”. But we’re anti-social [laughing], we just hang out together, our comfort zone, and hug.

So straight off the back of Hit The Deck you mentioned you're starting your UK tour with Never Shout Never- are you looking forward to that?
JORDAN [Eckes, guitar]- Yeah, really looking forward to it. We were in Europe last week with them and that was the first time we’ve been to mainland Europe properly; we’ve only played Paris and Amsterdam before. It was a great response from everyone so that was awesome.

You have a really strong fanbase over here- what do you like about coming over to the UK?
CAMERON- The kids over here are awesome. It’s been about two years since we first came over, and ever since that first day at Hubfest in Liverpool kids were just screaming our names and we were just like “yeah, the UK’s cool”; a good solid response from them. We played our first headline show in London before we played a headline show in America.
JORDAN- People keep asking us to come back, and we will.
MIKE- It’s funny too because the first time we came here we were like “the food’s so bland”, and now we’re like “f**k yeah”.

Where are your favourite places to eat over here then?
MIKE- Gourmet Burger Kitchen; it’s pricey, but good.
JORDAN- I definitely like Wetherspoons
CAMERON- I love fish and chips
MIKE- We did a lot of Nandos first time, traditional “let’s go to Nandos all the time” but now we’re a bit over it.
CAMERON- And a lot of kebab shops, a tour of all the kebab shops and it would always be at like two in the morning.

You released Best Intentions in 2011 and to your credit still touring it, people are still enjoying it
MIKE- I like that they like, that they’re still liking it [laughing]
ROB- Yeah, there’s lots of liking  

Do you ever get bored playing those songs?
CAMERON- We do what we can to spice it up and change little things.
MIKE- We have a high energy sound I guess, so as long as the crowd is good, hey I’ll play “Rumor Mill” thirteen times, I don’t care.
ROB- That’s what as an artist, makes the live experience, rewarding, just seeing people connect with it. Maybe the emotions we put into it two years ago have faded then you see these kids that are so pumped on it and brings is back for you.
MIKE- Your job is a monotonous lifestyle anyway, if you can’t handle that every night then you’re in the wrong career [laughing].

And you’ve already said you’re working on a new album; how’s that going? Can you tell us anything?
MIKE- It’s mostly under wraps right now, but in the last year or so Rob and myself have started doing this hip-hop thing on the side. We’ve never put a record out but we’ve recorded some stuff, so I think a lot of that has seeped into what we’re doing. It’s called “Mikerobe”, because I’m Mike, he’s Rob [laughing]
CAMERON- And Jordan’s going to do a lot of whispering on the album. He’s been going to a vocal coach for whispering [laughing].

And we saw you doing the PINK cover which we loved. If you could cover any song with any other artist of your choice who would it be?
ROB- I would actually love to play drums for The Starting Line, that would be cool. Every time I see them I’m air drumming on the side; you know what, I don’t even need to be front of house, I’ll just sit on the side and play [laughing].
JORDAN- I’d love to play auxillary guitar for Blink182…
MIKE- I want to play triangle for Meat Loaf [laughing]
They then break out into song, the Meat Loaf hit “I’d Do Anything For Love”

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