Wednesday 21 November 2012

Blood On The Dance Floor // Live Review, Manchester Academy 3

 It is safe to say that Blood On The Dance Floor is an intriguing band. Amidst all the hair and make-up and alter egos of Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von Monroe they have an incredibly loyal, dedicated fan base and a small army of songs.

Est.1987 headed down to Manchester Academy 3 to see to see if they lived up to the hype that seems to follow the American duo around.

Blood On The Dance Floor

For anyone who sees the band’s music as parody or comical, definitely shouldn’t mention that if you happen to find yourself at a Blood On The Dance Floor show. Not only do the fans know and believe every lyric, but they also don their hair dye, eccentric make-up and coloured contact lenses and become one of the “Slash Gash Terror Crew”. The fact that tonight’s show is sold out is testament to their fan base over here in the UK. With numerous EPs and albums under their belt, Blood On The Dance Floor certainly has a large number of songs to choose from, and the avid crowd wasn’t satisfied until each one had been blasted out in its full.  

Jayy Von Monroe on stage in Manchester

Electro meets crunk-rock, meets new romance meets vampire chic and we are just about there as they blast through unreserved songs such as “Death To Your Heart” and the video-game like “Star Power”. Dahvie Vanity spends the majority of the set down within the crowd; either that or on stage pulling pranks between taking to the mic. As well as being carried out on top of the crowd itself he also spends much of his time revealing his derrière on stage, on numerous occasions, much to the delight of his fans.

Blood On The Dance Floor on stage in Manchester!

Jay in Manchester
Blood On The Dance Floor is joined on stage by a full band including a female violinist, which surprisingly works to bring the entire show together and adds another dynamic to the already diverse performance. The unrelenting foam cannon firing out into the crowd, however, adds a whole other dimension to the performance. 

“It’s colder than hell outside and hot as f**k in here”, laughs one of the two front-men, Jayy. “Scream For My Ice Cream” in typical rapping meets spoken-word style, is a crude as it sounds; whilst “Yo Ho! (A Pirate’s Life For Me)” is jovial, flamboyant and dare we say immature.“Bewitched” sees the band pull a large chunk of the crowd onto the stage with them; cue tears, hysterics and phones at the ready to capture the action. Admittedly, the more ballad-like electronic based song is actually the bands catchiest and most approachable song; one for the Blood On The Dance Floor newbies, to ease them in.

Dahvie Vanity in the sold out Manchester crowd
It’s safe to say you are either in one of two camps. One side whole-heartedly “get it” and believe in everything that the band represents and sings about; the other, clueless to the hype. And there is very little in-between. That said, Blood On The Dance Floor clearly only concentrate on their loyal devotees which has to be applauded and, by the looks of tonight’s sold out crowd, they are an increasing number, whether we like it or not.