Tuesday 17 January 2012

Asking Alexandria // Blessthefall Leeds Met Review

Asking Alexandria
The line-up of tonight’s show was pretty impressive to say the least. 

A juggernaut of epic proportions, we were treated to a plethora of metalcore and post-hardcore acts, oh and a little bit of deathcore in there for good measure. With acts from both the UK and across the pond, and expectations set high after chatting to the bands earlier, the evening was set to go off with a bang.

Blessthefall on stage
By the time Chelsea Grin’s set was over, the aftermath of their circle pit was nearly spilling out into the foyer. Arizona’s very own Blessthefall were next to build on the chaos. They lived up to their ethos of “we don’t stop moving, so you don’t stop moving” urging the crowd to an infamous wall of death- the same stunt which had them kicked off-stage in Scotland. Their set was high-energy and relentless, each of the quintet taking it in turns to climb up anything they could get their hands on. Mixing singles such as "Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad"  and "Hey Baby, Here's That Song You Wanted" alongside album favourites such as “The Reign”, Blessthefall well and truly delivered. 
Blessthefall's lead singer Beau Bokan

Asking Alexandria
There was definitely something in the air this evening. Each band that took to the stage delivered an even higher impact performance than its predecessor. Opening with “Welcome”, Asking Alexandria were no different. The crowd was swelling yet again before parting in two and partaking in the second wall of death of the night. It was a confident and focussed performance by the five-piece. Anthemic singles “Breathless” and “Closure” filled the room here in The Met. They seemed quite at home back here in Leeds, lead singer Danny joking “I hear the world’s going to end in December; that means no condoms after April then!”An encore of “Final Episode” saw one last surge in the crowd, doing the York quintet proud at their hometown show. 
Lead singer Danny Worsnop

With a line-up as strong as this it would be a crime not to check this tour out- it will probably be the last time to catch them at venues this size.