Wednesday 30 October 2013

The Lawson Tour // Interview with Support Band ROOM 94

Room 94 supported Lawson on their tour earlier this year, and they must have gone down a storm because they have been invited back to be the main support for the band’s biggest tour to date.

Est.1987 headed down to Manchester Apollo to check out what Room 94 were all about and we caught up with the cheeky four-piece after the show to chat about their ever growing fanbase, fun on the road and their favourite Instagram filter…

You’ve toured with Lawson before, is it good to be back?
KIERAN [Lemon, vocals]- Yeah, it’s great because we made good friends with them on the last tour, did a bit of partying, hung out with them and got to know them as people rather than “Lawson”. So, when they brought us on tour this second time it was like the first day of school, seeing your old mates again.
SEAN [Lemon, guitar]- The fans have been really cool as well, they remember you and it’s great to be able to play to new fans too.

Do you get nervous at all playing to such large crowds?
DEAN [Lemon, drums]- We get nervous if friends and family are watching, definitely.
KIERAN- It’s weird, because it’s more nerve-wracking playing to less people…
SEAN- Because you can see their faces and if they’re not enjoying it [laughing].

The girls seems to go crazy for Room 94- it must be a total chore, girls screaming at you?!
KIERAN- [laughing] I dunno. In Poland they go crazy. We arrived at the airport and there were like three hundred girls screaming and grabbing us; that was scary. The police and the army came and, because we can’t speak the language either, that made it even scarier.
KIT [Tanton, bass]- Then you have a security man with a hand-gun grabbing you as well.

We read that the other night your hotel received 15 noise complaints…
ALL- Eighteen [laughing].
KIERAN- We’ve had to calm down these past few shows. In the hotel they told us we needed to calm it down, that we were playing “rock music” till late. We were playing Drake’s new album and we were out by 11pm.
SEAN- We had Andy from Lawson in our dressing room yesterday and he said “I wish I was in your room because it sounds like a lad’s holiday in there”.
KIERAN- Set the speakers up, the WKDs were out [laughing].

You guys have over 70,000 followers on Twitter and the same on Facebook- guessing you love a bit of social networking?
KIERAN- Yeah, big time. For example, the Poland thing, that would never had happened if it weren’t for Twitter and Facebook.
SEAN- It’s cool because we run it ourselves, and that’s what works because the fans know they’re talking to us, you interact more and we’d never change that.

If you could pick only 1 social networking site to keep, which one?
ALL- Instagram.
KIERAN- You feel like you’re a photographer, innit [laughing].
Insert much deep conversation about which Instagram filter is their favourite.

There are three brothers in the band, does Kit have to keep the peace or is it quite nice having your brothers on the road with you?
KIT- Nah, there’s no arguing between them really.
KIERAN- He doesn’t have any keeping the peace; the opposite, he gets the stick.
DEAN- Do you know Slender Man? That was his job for two years, hiding in the woods [laughing].
SEAN- The only arguments that happen in this band are if someone’s breathing too loud, eating too loud or snoring or smelly feet. Kit’s feet are the worst.
KIERAN- We’ve finally got through to him, and he’s wearing socks.

Did you put some socks on because you knew we were coming?!
KIT- Knew a lady was coming, so put them on.
KIERAN- What a gent [laughing].

You’re touring with Union J and then your own headline tour- are you looking forward to the support slot and the headliner?
KIERAN- The support tours are so much fun, playing to loads more people. But the headline tour, that’s going to be sick because we get to play a lot longer and do what we want.
DEAN- We’ll be playing lots of the new album too.

And finally, what’s next for you guys?
DEAN- Yeah, we like to stay busy, or we get bored [laughing]
SEAN- Although GTA V is good at the moment.
KIERAN- Yeah, the album is the next big thing because we’ve been waiting since we started to release that. We’re really happy with it, it’s really honest…
SEAN- …it’s actually the best album of 2013.
KIERAN- 2014 [laughing].
DEAN- The headline tour’s the best thing, mixed with the album which comes out 10th March, so that’s exciting.
SEAN- It’s like our little secret at the minute, we all listen to it on our iPods [laughing].