Wednesday 23 October 2013

The Impericon Never Say Die! 2013 Tour // Review, Manchester Club Academy

With a hefty 7 band line-up, the Impericon Never Say Die! Tour is back in town and set to get Manchester’s Club Academy basement hotter and louder than ever before. 
With the line-up including acts such as Betraying The Martyrs, I Killed The Prom Queen and Emmure (headlining the night) it is set to be a good mix of bands from across the world, and with a packed-out venue and the first band heading to the stage let’s go…

Hand Of Mercy may be the first of seven bands on stage tonight but the crowd is out early and more than willing to get involved. The Sydney five-piece kick the tour off in style and bring to the stage a raw energy that spurs on the fervent crowd even more. Their no holds barred approach sees them throw themselves into the mix with big hitting hardcore anthems such as ‘Last Lights’ and ‘Mr Nasty Time’, with its aggressive unclean vocals and killer riff. They are full on and forceful and a great start to the evening. 7/10

Next up, fellow Sydney metalcore act Northlane take to the Club Academy stage. Frontman Adrian Fitipaldes admits that this is their first time in the UK but there is an excitement and buzz surrounding them. The pit, that was started by openers Hand Of Mercy, is back in even bigger and more violent form as the crowd throw themselves forward at Northlane’s mercy. Crowd favourite ‘Quantum Flux’ with its slow, atmospheric beginnings opens out into a musical juggernaut of hardcore mixed with melodic undertones. A force to be reckoned with. 8/10

Straight out of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is Hundredeth. The crowd dips in ferocity slightly and isn’t ready to get quite as energetic. However, that isn’t to say Hundredeth’s set isn’t filled with ambitious, fast paced, thrashing big hitters. Raw, brutal and passion-filled tracks such as ‘Weathered Town’ are percussive and stirring, but it is the dynamic and anthemic ‘Free Mind/Open Spirit’ which turns things around and by the end of the set the crowd are won over. Frontman Chadwick Johnson throws himself amongst the crowd and suddenly they are back in the party mix. 7/10

I Killed The Prom Queen's Jona Weinhofen

A Parisian flavour is brought to the mix in the form of Betraying The Martyrs. The band makes their way to the stage and, before frontman Aaron Matts has even stepped up the crowd is already throwing themselves over the barrier. The set starts as it means to go on and is high octane from here on in. Betraying The Martrys don’t hold back and step things up on the Never Say Die! 2013 Tour.  Inciting a wall of death by the second song, they mean business. Brutal and anthemic, and it didn’t matter that they couldn’t play a new song due to technical issues. Aaron is the perfect frontman, whilst the rest of the band provoke the same grit and energy. As the last notes of ‘Man Made Distaster’ power out, keyboardist Victor Guillet takes an almighty leap off the stage and out into the crowd.  Job well done. 9/10

Betraying The Martyrs is a tough act to follow and that job falls to Australian quintet, I Killed The Prom Queen. Coming out strong, they play a mix of older material and throw in a new song or two. The crowd takes a little warming up, seemingly flagging slightly, and it is down to new song ‘To The Wolves’ to reignite the spark. Taken from the forthcoming new album, the brand’s new track is an instant favourite and the anticipation builds for the new release. ‘Sharks in Your Mouth’ closes the set out in style; it’s instantly recognisable riff soaring across the Club Academy. 8/10

Front-man Jamie Hope in Manchester
I Killed The Prom Queen's Jamie Hope

Carnifex's Scott Lewis

Carnifex take to the stage with an almighty energy; the room is sweltering by this point in the evening but they aren’t willing to let people have a rest yet. Commanding horns, circle pits that engulf the entire room and crowdsurfing, they know exactly what they want from a crowd. Classic songs such as ‘Lie To My Face’ incite vicious pits as everyone throws themselves full throttle into the mix. Taking time to debut a new song, ‘Die Without Hope’, leaves the crowd looking a little lost and unsure what to do with themselves. The new offering doesn’t disappoint, the crowd just crave something more familiar to get involved with. ‘Hell Chose Me’ does just this and ends the set in a furor of chaos. Carnifex is the perfect lead up to the headliners of the tour. 7.5/10

It is down to Emmure to headline tonight and finish off the Never Say Die! Tour 2013 in style, and they certainly don’t mess around. Renowned frontman Frankie Palmeri isn’t here to mess around and tonight is all about the music. With six bands having graced the stage before them it would be easy for the crowd to be weary at this point, but not with Emmure up they’re not. Their set is filled with songs from their entire back catalogue, each one proving just as popular with the rowdy audience. 

Carnifex on stage in Manchester
Having been a band for over a decade, their live show is tight and flawless, yet still has the air of spontaneity as the band parade up and down the stage and crowd surfers appear in abundance. Set highlight has to be crowd favourite ‘MDMA’ and Emmure’s wide range entire headline set proves how their musical style transcends genres and has wide ranging appeal. Quite rightly Emmure command the largest pit of the evening and end the night with ‘When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong’. Worthy headliners. 8/10

With such a high caliber of bands here tonight it definitely upped the ante and ensured that everyone brought their A-game. Seven bands down and we don’t think that the Club Academy basement has been hotter and sweatier. Never Say Die! Tour 2013 done. 8/10