Tuesday 29 October 2013

The Lawson Tour // Interview with Support Band PAIGHTON

We caught up with Joe Atkinson from Paighton a couple of months ago in anticipation of their support slot with Lawson. So we couldn’t not head down to check them out on tour with Lawson and Room 94. We also got the chance to chat to all the Paighton boys before the show to talk about finding their sound, touring and lemon tarts…

Hey guys, how’s the tour been going so far?
ALL- Awesome
JOE [Atkinson, vocals/guitar]- It’s nearly done now which is weird; it’s gone so quickly. It’s gone well though; the fans on this tour have been crazy.

Do you guys get nervous being the first act on?
JOE- For me it differs. Somedays I really feel it before the show but other days it’s ok.
ANDREW [Thomas, vocals/piano]- For me, all day I’m just really nervous. It’s good and I work well when I’m nervous though. 

Do you have any pre-show rituals?
JOE- I just disappear [laughing], I go away by myself and sit in a dark room and do vocal warm ups and stretches and have some hot water.
ANDREW- I pace up and down and walk around the city that we’re in.
DAVE [Stephens, bass]- Apart from when you walked off and missed the gig once.
ANDREW- [laughing] Ah yeah, I remember that.

We saw you were hunting out some recipes the other day in the van, Joe; Britan’s Best Baker?!
JOE- [laughing] I was indeed browsing recipes. It was on a long journey and I was so bored and I could have really done with some home-baked food. So instead of wallowing in my sorrow I decided to go online and see what I would bake when the tour was over and I became infatuated with a variety of recipes for desserts. I actually landed on lemon tarts, I’ll tweet you a photo of the outcome.

So, you’ve just released the video for your new single ‘Drive’, was it fun to make?
PETER [Coppin, drums]- It was a really cool experience, but such a long day. There were so many people working on that video. We just thought it was going to be a director and their assistant, but there was about twenty people.
DAVE- I just ate all day, they catered us really nice food [laughing].
JOE- We’d all dieted for that video so afterwards I went and bought about ten packs of the unhealthiest things you could eat.

And your second EP is coming out soon. The last time we spoke to you, Joe, you said the first EP was the starter and this is the main meal…
JOE- I am looking forward to that main meal I must say, the starter just wasn’t enough for me, never is [laughing]. The first EP was testing the water and seeing what worked as a band in the studio and live; and the next EP is more of a definitive product. It’s more what we want to be perceived as really. It hits the nail on the head, sound and direction-wise.

Let’s talk influences…
JOE- We took a lot of time figuring out our sound and where we wanted to fit, so we did take a lot of influence from bands we’d grown up listening to. Personally I grew up around a lot of country music like Shania Twain and Faith Hill and also Elvis and Bruce Springsteen. We wanted to do something fresh in this day and age and bring that older element into the music.
ANDREW- I’ve always been into legitimate pop music; everyone always laughs at me but I used to love Hanson.
PETER- I grew up on classic rock bands like Queen and Led Zeppelin.
DAVE- Dolly Parton for me. I have a recurring dream about her [laughing].
JOE- We try not to pigeon-hole ourselves into one genre.

And you’re going on to tour with Tyler Hilton after this tour…
JOE- Yeahn we love him, he’s awesome and I’m a die-hard One Tree Hill fan so I’m stoked.

Do you write on the road or when you’re back home?
ANDREW- Usually, you can see a spark in Joe’s eyes and he’ll pick up his guitar and then we start playing randomly.
JOE- Andy and I do a lot of writing at home; it’s more relaxed that way. In terms of writing on the road, I never really got it; I was like how do you find time to do that. But the other day after the show I was on the guitar and a song just came out. I think it happens at the weirdest times.

What’s next for you guys?
ANDREW- Yeah, we want to get more of the songs; Joe and I have written loads and we want to get more of them down and take a bit of time for that in January. Hopefully this time next year we’ll be working on a debut album.
JOE- Yeah, at the moment we’re building a team around us that we’re happy with, and touring until the end of the year. Then into the studio in February to do another EP, then another support tour, then headline run and then hopefully an album.