Thursday 24 October 2013

FUTURE TALENT #19 // Everybody Looks Famous

 Meet Everybody Looks Famous. The female fronted Tamworth five-piece has been out on the road all summer, gained backing from the likes of BBC Introducing and recently released their debut album 'Fuel To Fire'.

We caught up with them to find out more about the music that they make and the big plans that they have in store...

Hey guys. So how would you sum up your sound for people who aren’t familiar with Everybody Looks Famous?
Well I guess we would say we are a happy sounding band! We like to write songs that are catchy and will make you smile. We do have our serious moments. I guess we would say we are like a mix between 30 Seconds To Mars and We Are The In Crowd… maybe!

You’ve been on tour this summer- do you like being out on the road performing live and meeting fans?
We love being on tour and meeting our fans it’s by far the best thing about being in band. Living with your best friends for like 2 weeks playing shows every night is awesome! We like to make a special for our fans too, purely because they are so good to us!

Sum up an Everybody Looks Famous live show for people who haven’t seen you live yet.
Energetic, fun and loud! We like to work with our fans when we are on stage. Make sure everyone in the room is smiling and having a good time!

You’ve already earned support from the likes of BBC Introducing and Kerrang! Radio. Is it reassuring having that backing in the sense that it confirms you should keep on doing what you’re doing? It’s obviously working.
Yeah for sure. We have had a fair amount of exposure so far so it has definitely strengthened the bands presence. We all love doing what we do and to have that reassurance that what we are doing is being picked up and recognised is awesome!

Your debut album 'Fuel To Fire' was released in August.  You had an EP out last year, but is it nice finally releasing a full length record for fans?
Definitely! We have been working on the album for a long time now so to release our first full length album is incredible! We can’t wait to start work on the next one!

You’ve announced that ‘Thoughts’ is going to be the single out in December. And we hear you have a video in store for us?
It is indeed. December 16th. It is set for release and we have teamed up with Life Is Art films to bring a video to you all. We are all really looking forward to it because we haven’t recorded many music videos yet…it’s going to be as much fun for us to film the video as it is for you guys to watch it!

Female fronted bands are doing great at the moment. What’s it like being a part of that growing scene of bands with female vocalists?
The buzz is awesome! Our fan base seems to grow from strength to strength each day. It’s a really exciting time to be part of the female fronted alliance!

You’ve had a busy 2013 with the tour and album and now single. What else have you got planned for the next year?
Well just between us, we have already started work on a brand new EP for next year and we are hoping to get into the studio to release album number 2 as well! It is all going to be happening in 2014 believe us when we say we have big things in store!