Saturday 26 October 2013

The Impericon Never Say Die! 2013 Tour // Interview with BETRAYING THE MARTYRS

Next up in our series of interviews with some of the acts on the Impericon Never Say Die! Tour is Parisian six-piece Betraying The Martyrs. We caught up with them ahead of the show to chat about working on the second album, a busy two years of touring and British food…

Hello guys! Are you enjoying the tour so far?
AARON [Matts, vocals]- Yeah, it’s been really good so far.
LUCAS [D’Angelo, guitar]- Every venue has been nearly full so the crowds have been great.

Aaron, you’re the only one on the tour from the UK- is it kind of a homecoming for you?
AARON- A little bit, but I feel more French now. I haven’t really kept in contact with that many people from the UK because we’ve been so busy. So when I come back here I’ve got no mates [laughing]. That’s not true, but going back to Paris is more of a homecoming.

What do you miss most about not being in the UK, Aaron? And what do you like about being over here, Lucas?
LUCAS- I hate it [laughing].
AARON- I used to miss the food…
LUCAS- Really?
AARON- When you’re from England you can grow attached to baked beans and stuff like that, but then you go to somewhere like Paris and you come back and realise everything is s**t. Apart from bacon; bacon’s the best here.
LUCAS- The English breakfast is the one food I like.

If you could switch and play/sing with another band on the tour who would it be?
AARON- I’d sing for Emmure, I’ve been a fan of them for years.
LUCAS- I don’t play drums, but I’d drum for Emmure anyways, that would be awesome.

You’ve had a really busy year of touring…
AARON- Yeah, it’s up and down. There are some pretty hardcore moments on the road, but it’s been amazing. It’s been hard to take in because there’s been so much stuff going on.
LUCAS- We went from having jobs or being students to directly touring all year long for two years.

What’s the scene like in Paris? Is it hard to break out of there?
LUCAS- It’s small within our music scene, but we have a good family of bands that we’re close to.

Lots of touring and the fact that you’re on a US label, would you say that’s helped you break out?  And your music of course…
ARRON- Yeah, the music’s got nothing to do with it [laughing].
LUCAS- It’s his tattoos and hair cut [laughing].
AARON- Yeah, we went over to the States on our first professional tour. When you go over there then everyone hears about it, so that helped us to get out there.

Your new album is in progress, do you feel that second album pressure?
LUCAS- Yeah, I’m working on it right now. We’re going to be releasing a single very soon. We’re confident about it, but there’s still pressure. We’ve had an amazing build-up after the first record so if the second album doesn’t work then it’s kind of our fault. If it doesn’t work then the album’s s**t, but it’s not, it’s great [laughing].

Lucas, you produced the first album yourself and you’re doing this one as well, right?
LUCAS- It has its good and bad points. I like having that control, but for me it’s extra pressure and it’s hard to settle on things, it’s never finished. It’s hard for me to get perspective on it

What can fans expect from it?
AARON- There’s an evolution, we’ve moved on so much.
LUCAS- At the same time the elements that define our sound are still here.
AARON- It’s like where there’s a hot teenage female but two years later, she’s still as hot as she was but the elements have evolved…
LUCAS- She’s a woman [laughing].
AARON- She’s got bigger boobs, she’s got more experience… [laughing].

And on that note…thanks guys!