Sunday 3 November 2013

The Feeling // Live Review, Leeds City Varieties

The Feeling have been away for a little while and, by the looks of the crowd filing into Leeds City Varieties tonight, it would be fair to say that they have been missed. The show is a sell-out and the anticipation in the room to witness their return couldn’t be greater.

Est.1987 were lucky enough to head down to the show to see what they had to offer after the release of new album ‘Boy Cried Wolf’. Click below to read our live review…

Back in 2006 the London five-piece were getting ready to release critically acclaimed album ‘Twelve Stops and Home’. This album would spark a huge wave of excitement and intrigue around The Feeling, one which would see them going on to produce another two hit albums. Then things went a little quiet in The Feeling’s camp; they were busy working on a new album away from their label. Going it alone obviously gave them a new sense of freedom and they have come back fighting with ‘Boy Cried Wolf’. And kicking things off with a new track from that very album shows that they are most definitely back. Opener, ‘Blue Murder’, harks back to the best of The Feeling and adds a new freshness; it’s building, emotive and a cacophony of sounds which effortlessly blend together. The night has well and truly begun and from here on in it a delicious treat of classic tracks such as ‘Fill My Little World’ with new album songs interspersed. New tracks such as ‘Fall Like Rain’ and ‘You’ll See’ command everyone in the venue to listen as the emotive lyrics and melodies mesmerize. Old heartfelt favourites such as ‘Rosé’ never tire or grow old and, as front-man Dan Sells plays the piano, a moment of serenity oozes from the stage and across the venue.

And of course The Feeling show wouldn’t be their show without the upbeat infectious pop numbers that everyone knows and can’t help but sing-along to. ‘Never Be Lonely’ and ‘Sewn’ are timeless and prove that the band’s musicality is on point, note perfect from beginning to end, and the set comes to a close with new single ‘Rescue.

But, of course, we’re not done just yet as the five-piece energetically make their way back on stage. And we are in for a treat as they dazzle us with an eclectic medley which features the likes of ‘Day Tripper’ (The Beatles), ‘Another Brick In The Wall’ (Pink Floyd), right up to nineties classic ‘Parklife’ (Blur). The night really does come to a close quite appropriately with the final song from the new album. ‘I Just Do’ is a beautiful and no-holds barred epic ballad, perfectly closing out the night and proving that The Feeling’s appeal is wide ranging and not generation specific. The London band may have been away for a little while and indeed music may have changed and moved on since their humble beginnings. However, they prove that their ability to write and perform intricate and breathtaking pop songs defies this. The Feeling; a night filled with feel-good anthems. 8.5/10