Tuesday 16 April 2013

Walk The Moon // Video Interview & Live Review

We caught up with Walk The Moon, (the fun facepaint loving foursome), before their sold out Leeds show to interview them ahead of the gig. And after hanging out with them we knew we were in for a treat at the show.

 Walk The Moon's new EP, “Tightrope”, is out now and the Ohio four-piece are currently back in the UK to support none other that PINK.

Click below to watch a video interview with the band and see the photo's from an exclusive photo-shoot the guys did for Est.1987...

Click below to watch the interview...

And here's what happened when Walk The Moon took to the stage...

Fresh off their support slot with FUN, Cincinnati’s Walk The Moon are back in the UK on a headline run. Things have gotten off to a phenomenal start, with every tour date selling out so far, and tonight is no different. From the opening riff of the effortlessly catchy pop “Quesadilla” there is a real buzz around the band. The face-painted audience surrounding the front of the stage bounce to hits such as “Shiver Shiver”, with its laid back verses and electric chorus, taken from the band’s self titled album. The set is perfectly balanced; the more mellow tunes such as “Drunk In The Woods” set flawlessly against up-beat crowd favourites such as current single, the infectious “Tightrope”. “This whole song is about shaking your ass”, laughs lead singer Nicholas Petricca before bursting into “Me & All My Friends”. And with a little spurring on by Nicholas, the crowd are fully warmed up and are joining in on the dancing and Walk The Moon revelry.  It is refreshing to see a fun band, who don’t take themselves too seriously, having fun on stage. However, don’t be tricked into thinking their musicianship is anything but serious; they easily hold the entire crowd’s attention and their intricacies come to the forefront during the live show. There is no better example than the enchanting “Iscariot”; slower and poetically melodic, it is the perfect interlude in the set. The song’s building grandeur proves that slower tracks are equally as captivating as up-beat ones.

Even if you didn’t aim to get involved this evening, you inevitably couldn’t resist. And a good thing too, because make no mistake Walk The Moon’s distorted guitars and incredibly catchy melodies ensure they play pure dance floor anthems. A neat dance-pop fusion trio ends the evening. Firstly, “Jenny” with its synth-based rock rythmns and an impressive drum solo by Sean Waugaman, followed by the contagious “I Can Lift A Car”. And finally the soaring “Anna Sun” perfectly completes the evening. 

This obvious crowd favourite gives fans here at The Cockpit one last opportunity to do as Walk The Moon do, and dance the night away. With no encore, Walk the Moon definitely left everyone at The Cockpit wanting more. If you’re heading to see PINK on tour, well get down early and be sure to catch Walk The Moon’s thrilling live show because they’re a band even better live than on record and you’ll be in for a treat. And if you aren’t able to catch them on the support slot, well stay tuned because the boys will be back on UK shores soon.

Walk The Moon photos & video credit with thanks to John Garon - http://www.johngaron.com/