Friday 5 April 2013

Blitz Kids // New Single Announcement- "On My Own"released May 13th & Red Bull Records signing

Having just touched down from SXSW Blitz Kids aren't taking things easy. Instead, they have just announced new single "On My Own" and that they are now signed to Red Bull Records. On top of this they are heading out with Lower Than Atlantis this month on tour. 

To check out the new single, find out where you can see the band live and read our recent interview with the guys click below...

Aggressive and melodic, the ambitious new single "On My Own" premiered this week on Daniel P Carter's Radio 1 rock show and is taken from the band's second studio album due out later this year.

We caught up with Blitz Kids on their recent tour with We The Kings and they told us more about the much anticipated forthcoming album-

What can we expect from the full length album out this year ?
JOE [James, vocals] I mean it’s going to be different; I’m not going to lie. It’s been a while since we’ve put out a full length. The mini-album was just a thank-you for sticking with us really. To us, we don’t think it’s that different, but everyone will think it is. To us, that’s just what we write now; I think people will be surprised, but I think they’re going to love it.
NIC [Montgomery, bass]It’s another step up. We stepped up the mini-album and this is another step up.

You recorded it with John Feldmann; what was that like? Are you Goldfinger fans and fans of albums that he’s produced and worked on?
NIC- Just never play Goldfinger in his house! He hates it! [laughing]
JOE- He’s awesome; he’s like a weird, surrogate, crazy dad.
JONO [Yates, guitar]He’s like us, but older.
NIC- Did you ever see that film Uncle Buck? He’s like Uncle Buck.
JOE- He knows what he’s doing basically and he’s easy to work with and he’s mental, in a great way. His house is awesome, his pool’s wicked, his hot tub’s pretty good and his family is lovely. It was one of those things where we went in and were thinking of an idea for a song and we’d record it within an hour and then do another one and we’d get like twelve done in a day and the next day do the same. He works so quickly and in the moment, and after like three days you have like forty songs, half demoed that sound incredible that you can whittle down. To have that capability is mental. He’ll go “I’ve got this idea for a song, I’m going to demo it”, and then he’ll show it to you and it’s full production, strings, choir, everything and we’re like “Oh my god”.

I guess being out in LA made it fun too?
JOE- No, it was awful. It was cold, it was snowing and grim…no LA was fun. We went there before and didn’t really make the most of it, so this time we went to a whole bunch of really cool bars and restaurants and Universal Studios.
JONO- I didn’t, I went to watch United. Everyone was like “We’re going to Universal” and I was like, “Absolutely not, I’m going to the nearest pub”.
JOE- Yeah, nice one. You missed out on the Transformers 3D ride, which was the best thing I’ve ever been on; we went on it three times in a row…
JONO- You missed out on a solid two-nil victory.

To read our full interview with Blitz Kids click HERE and be sure to catch them on tour this month - 

UK dates with Lower Than Atlantis:
Apr 13 - Mandela Hall, Belfast, United Kingdom
 Apr 14 - The Academy, Dublin, Ireland
Apr 16 – Solus, Cardiff, United Kingdom
Apr 17 – Wulfrun, Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
Apr 18 - Academy 2, Manchester, United Kingdom
Apr 19 – QMU, Glasgow, United Kingdom
 Apr 20 - Met University, Leeds, United Kingdom
Apr 21 – Westlands, Yeovil, United Kingdom
Apr 23 – Waterfront, Norwich, United Kingdom
 Apr 24 - Pyramid Centre, Portsmouth, United Kingdom
Apr 25 - Shepherds Bush Empire, London, United Kingdom

OTHER confirmed Live dates:
24th, 25th and 26th May – SLAM DUNK Festival (Leeds, Hatfield and Wolverhampton)
16th June (Sunday) – DOWNLOAD Festival, Pepsi Max Stage