Friday 26 April 2013

Hit The Deck Nottingham - The Interviews // Attention Thieves

We caught up with Reading four-piece Attention Thieves after their set at Hit The Deck Nottingham which saw them play the main stage in Rock City. They may have been one of the first band's on but they didn't disappoint. Dare we say it, they may just be out new favourite band.
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Heya guys, we saw you on the main stage in Rock City earlier- did you enjoy it? The crowd were really going for it.
ALL- Yeah, we loved it [high fives all around, literally]. It was fun.

A nice little pit going on down at the front too, people were getting involved, guys and girls too.
ALEX [Green, vocals/guitar]- Yeah, we’re a unisex band,
JAMES [Harris, guitar]- We try [laughing].
RYAN [Davies, bass]- We really appreciated it though and it made us feel welcome. Because it's so early you think that people are going to just turn up and have a look, see what’s going on and not get involved.
ALEX- I can guarantee that I was more hungover than any of them…
SIMON [Chambers, drums]- Well done [laughing]
ALEX- if I can go up and do that then they definitely can [laughing]. There was a point before the show where everyone was getting pumped up and I was just like “mum, pick me up”, but it was a good hangover cure.

And you're heading out on tour with Canterbury. You just got off the Enter Shikari tour too so is Hit The Deck a nice little sandwich?
SIMON- You know what, Hit The Deck is; it’s like the McDonalds gherkin in the burger…
JAMES- The best bit.
ALEX- The bit in the middle that everyone wants.

Did you enjoy your run out with Enter Shikari?
JAMES- The best shows we’ve ever played. The Enter Shikari fans are lunatics…
RYAN- Every night they all just want to go crazy, even for the first band. By the end we had a wall of death, a pit and people on shoulders.
ALEX- Everything you’d tell them to do, they’d just go for it.
RYAN- Everything and everyone on that tour was amazing.

And are you looking forward to Canterbury…
ALEX- We just saw them for the first time yesterday and they just have the full package. We’re really excited to tour with them.

You’ve been picked as a band to watch out for…
JAMES- What? For Crimewatch? [laughing]

Does that add pressure at all?
RYAN- We do really appreciate that people recognise we’ve put so much effort and time in. We toured all last year and really invested a lot of energy into it. But we don’t feel like there’s any pressure or that we have to rise to something because we’re already pushing ourselves so hard.
SIMON- We are literally our own worst critics.

You’ve been recording with John Mitchell (You Me At Six, Enter Shikari, Lower Than Atlantis) including the new single “Can’t See The Light”. How was that working with him?
JAMES- We’d done the EP with him, so with an album it’s important to be comfortable and feel like you can work with these people.
RYAN- They’ve recorded all our new material, the stuff that’s not released yet ,and we felt that they’d invested a lot. We put a lot into it and they returned it and we really enjoyed recording with him and everyone there.

And the album, is that due out this year?
SIMON- We’re still working a few things out but we’ll release some new music definitely. We have an album’s worth of songs and we’re really pleased with it all, it’s the best stuff we’ve ever done. Everything we’ve done is pushing the boundaries of what we’ve done before, so there’s heavier stuff, lighter stuff…
JAMES- A real mixed bag of everything.

And finally, what else have you got planned?
[And when we get past the talk of family BBQs, dads putting up sheds and helping out uncles in lambing season…]
SIMON- Touring the whole year really…
RYAN- The same thing we did last year really, but just up our game and get tours with even bigger bands.

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