Wednesday 20 November 2013

Memphis May Fire // 2014 Tour Announcement

Dallas, TX’s Memphis May Fire are excited to announce a headline UK run for April 2014.  Following on from a rapturous performance at the weekends Vans Warped tour 2013, the band will be heading back in the Spring for headline shows on our shores. 

Click below to find out where you can catch the five-piece on tour and to find out what happened when we caught up with them earlier this year...

What do you like most about coming over to the UK?
KELLEN [McGregor, guitar]-The Donner!
JAKE [Garland, drums]-Ah yeah, the kebab! We all have kebab tattoos [both get out said kebab tattoos].
KELLEN- Oh yeah, you’ve got to be part of the kebab mob [laughing].
JAKE- We got them last time we were over, but not in the UK. We got it in Switzerland which actually was the only place we didn’t get a kebab so I feel like this made up for it [laughing]. But aside from the kebabs the shows are great. One thing that’s cool about going overseas is that all the shows are incredible, fans are more into it over here. And with the UK there’s not that language barrier so we can still chat with fans.
KELLEN- Although it’s still hard to understand them sometimes, like in Australia too. Scotland’s the hardest, it’s real tricky.

There was a bit of a gap of between “Sleepwalking” and “The Hollow”, and then off the back of the success of “The Hollow” you released “Challenger” the next year, which has done incredibly well too. Does that add pressure or does it spur you on for the next record?
KELLEN- There’s pressure but it’s definitely not a conscious thing. We’ve always been a band that will write what we write and if you like it then you like it. We just go for it.

Speaking of the next record – you tweeted saying the stuff you’d already written already was set to beat "Challenger"- can you give anything away? What can fans expect?
JAKE- Yeah, for sure. We have like ten songs done at the moment and they’re good. We don’t know when it’s going to come out but we’re going to record in September so maybe this time next year, maybe earlier.
KELLEN- It’s definitely going to be more up and down. “Challenger” had a similar tone throughout the whole thing, just because of the specific things we were writing about. But on the next album each song will sound different from the next.
JAKE- There will be a super fast song and then a really slow one and then a couple on the bouncy tempo that we like to write in. I like that though, because there will be songs that people can have a favourite. In “Challenger” it’s hard to pick because only “Miles Away” is really the different sounding one.

You guys have had a few line-up changes – do you feel stronger than ever?
JAKE- Oh yeah. Kellen’s the only original founding member from back in the day. How many members would you say you’ve gone through?
KELLEN- We’ve gone through two drummers, you’re the third, three bass players, two guitarists and we’ve had two singers. Crazy.
JAKE- This line-up is awesome though.

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