Wednesday 20 November 2013

Don Broco // Tour Ticket Giveaway. Win 2x tickets to the Leeds show Fri 29th Nov

Don Broco have had a pretty phenomenal 2013. As well as headlining their first festival, performing at Reading and Leeds and a top 40 single, the Bedford four-piece is back on the road on their biggest tour to date.

 Want to win a pair of tickets to the Leeds Met show on Friday 29th November? Of course you do! Click below to find out how to enter and to read what happened when we caught up with the band earlier this year...

A pair of tickets to see Don Broco at Leeds Met on Friday 29th November 2013

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We caught up with Don Broco front-man Rob Damiani earlier this year on tour....

Is it nice to be headlining and having more of a say in the show now? And playing a longer set especially with the album being out a little while?
Yeah, totally. The thing is it’s the first time we've headlined and the first time we've had a long set to play all the songs we want to play, so it's been good. And that's the thing, when we first started playing the album we only had the single ("Priorities") out, but now everyone knows the album and knows the words and to hear them singing back is wicked. 

So, I’ve got my “Don Broco Push Up Squad” vest on; how many push ups am I going to have to do during “Thug Workout” to beat off the competition? Well, last night inGlasgow they stepped things up. Sheffieldactually started early, don’t know if they meant to but as soon as they heard it they were down on the floor. Normally I pull people up after about twenty to thirty because you see people getting knackered. So I reckon if you got a good twenty out you’d be pleased with that.

Do you get many people challenging you guys to a “push-up off”? And who out of the four of you would you put forward to represent the band?
There was one guy when we were supporting Lower Than Atlantis, he didn’t want to do push ups, so he challenged me to an arm wrestle and wouldn’t let it go. He was like “If I win, I get a free Tshirt”. But If I won I didn’t get anything out of it, other than my pride and he was massive, so I thought yeah I’ll play it safe and politely turned him down.  And yeah that’s tough, I’d say it’s between Me, Si and Matt. I reckon I’m going to back myself on this one.

Your debut album “Priorities” has done incredibly well. When you were writing and recording it were you consciously thinking it’s the best thing we’ve done and expecting it to do well, or do you write for yourselves?
I’d say it’s probably a bit of both. While we were writing we definitely thought we’re on to something, and felt more confident in our song writing. I think we ‘d learnt a lot from our “Big Fat Smile” E.P; It was recorded straight onto the track. But this time we got the chance to play around with ideas and if it didn’t quite work straight away we didn’t just write it off, we gave things time to simmer. So we definitely felt good when we were writing it, but then it’s not until it comes out that you know.

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