Sunday 28 July 2013

Bam Margera’s F**kface Unstoppable Tour Review // Leeds O2 Academy

Bam Margera; his name is synonymous with anarchy and chaos, oh and hit shows such as Jackass and Viva La Bam. A skateboarder come stuntman, he’s also directed films and hosted his own radio show. However, Bam is now trying his hand at fronting a band, aptly named “F**kface Unstoppable”. Having already sold out shows in Australia and his native America, the MTV star is bringing the tour to the UK.

Est.1987 headed down to Leeds’ O2 Academy intrigued as just what the show had to offer…

The majority of the crowd in Leeds are clearly already established fans of Bam the brand and, if we’re honest, it’s quite hard not to be. If you were even a small part of the MTV generation you will know who the West Chester resident is, alongside his long suffering parents Phil and April and even his uncle, Don Vito. The crowd wait with baited breath, not quite sure what’s in store for them and partly because Bam and his band are over forty minutes late to stage.

Bam Margera may very well be the frontman but the rest of the band lineup is just as hefty; including his older brother Jess Margera, long term friend and recognisable face from CKY, Mark Hanna, and Guttermouth’s Alex Flamsteed. And when they eventually take to the stage no one in the venue seems to be bothered just how tardy they are. However, this is not before Brandon Novak (professional skateboarder, stuntman and friend of Bam) serenades the crowd with the Phil Collins classic “In The Air Tonight” in nothing but a Leeds hospital wheelchair and a thong. If this was the beginning of the evening it is safe to say that things were only set to get worse.

The F**kface Unstoppable supergroup is punk rock meets rap, playing a plethora of punk classics and original penned tunes. “Moonshine”, a F**kface original thrashy, grizzly number is played out alongside a cover of Turbenegro’s relentless and rocky “All My Friends Are Dead”. Loud and spontaneous the set is far from a slick affair, which one might expect from the talented musicians involved. Rebel at heart, Bam’s notorious reputation proceeds him; when he’s not stumbling around the stage a tad worse for wear, hood up, sunglasses on, he is sitting at the drum riser or on top of Brandon’s wheelchair being pushed around by Brandon’s scantily dressed “girlfriend”, Apple. The music almost comes second to the onstage party as they misbehave, jeer and shower the crowd in red wine. “Are you bored?” shouts Bam at the crowd after protestations from the band to get the set going. And after a swift argument with the drummer, leading to him walking off and eventually coming back on [all part of the show? we're not so sure], the show re-starts with the now infamous “Bend My Dick [to my ass, so I can f**k myself]. At times, juvenile, and at other times full of intricate punk riffs F**kface Unstoppable are somewhat of a marmite band, but one thing’s for sure, certain songs and riffs are undeniably catchy.

“You get a free gift certificate if you punch Novak” laughs Bam, and we’re not quite sure if he is joking or not. Instead some fans get up on stage to French kiss him; by this point nothing can shock us. And when Bam’s not halting proceedings to joke about how crazy the night is set to get once the stage show ends, he and the band are attempting a cover of Clutch’s “Walking In The Great Shining Path of Monster Trucks”. Just as the music gets going again it is interrupted as Bam gets Apple crowd-surfing. And if we told him we saw people leaving half way through? Well that would probably only encourage him further. The songs themselves? They no doubt have potential, however the on-stage revelry ultimately gets in the way.

F**kface Unstoppable Tour; definitely for fans of Bam and his MTV exploits, for everyone else? We invite you to make up your own minds. The majority of people will hate it, and we’re still undecided. However, if we loved it or hated it, it is definitely an experience; lewd and rude, would we expect anything less from Mr. Margera? Probably not. 5/10