Wednesday 5 June 2013

The Summer Set // Live Review, Manchester Deaf Institute

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The Summer Set front-man Brian Dales on stage in Manchester

Josh Montgomery rocks Manchester
It’s fair to say that Arizona five-piece The Summer Set has an ever growing and dedicated fanbase over here in the UK. Not only is the Manchester Deaf Institute show sold-out but the queue wraps around the venue long before the doors are set to open. By the time the band takes to the stage the temperature in the room is rising and is only set to soar as they burst on with the catchy and incredibly energetic “Fuck U Over”. Infectious chorus after infectious chorus, The Summer Set are a rock-pop dream. Sure they aren’t breaking down huge musical boundaries, but their sound is unique and they do rock-pop so undeniably well that why shouldn’t we embrace it? And by the amount of people in the room, the majority of which are girls, Manchester is definitely embracing The Summer Set with open arms. Playing mostly from the new album, The Summer Set also slip in a few older classics such as “Love Like This” and typical of the band’s sound it has a huge chorus and anthemic upbeat feel. The beautiful and heartfelt “About A Girl” also gets a little make-under in the form of a stripped back acoustic version performed by John Gomez and front-man Brian Dales. 

After a respite from the rising heat ,the other three members return to the stage with guitarist Josh Montgomerary joking that this is the only show where he has ever needed an outfit change. And it isn’t going to get any cooler as the pace picks back up with the vintage rock anthem-sounding “Legendary”, the title track from the new record. It’s songs such as this (from the latest record) that mark how The Summer Set has finally found their sound, a new found maturity. 

The Summer Set on stage in Manchester

Bassist Stephen Gomez at The Deaf Institute
It may be the end of a long tour but they’re by no means flagging and go out on a high; on stage dancing to tracks such as “Someone Like You” and “When We Were Young” only encourages the crowd to join in the infamous floor in The Deaf Institute suitably bouncing. The Summer Set also treats fans to a track from the new record that they’re debuting on this UK tour. “Lightening In A Bottle” is spontaneous, care free and everything that the show tonight is celebrating. Brian perfectly commands the audience as they hang on his every word and shouts of “We love you Brian” fill space between songs. A confident performance throughout, and as The Summer Set are called back on stage for the last encore of the UK tour, they throw everything into closing tracks “Boomerang” and “Chelsea”; both equally stirring and Manchester sends them off with a bang.

A live show beckoning to be brought to a bigger stage and, with a string of sell out UK dates under their belt, we’re sure it won’t be long before the quintet is back playing to even bigger audiences. 8/10

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