Sunday 16 June 2013

The Ambient Light // Deluxe Edition of Nostalgia Trip & Brand New Video

California based Instrumental Post-Rockers The Ambient Light have announced that they will be releasing a Deluxe Edition of their debut full length, "Nostalgia Trip", on June 20th. The reissue will feature a number of new tracks as well as remixes of existing material.

Recently the quartet unveiled a video for the song "Twenty-Two". To watch the new video and to find out about the album click below...

Shot and edited by the bands' very own Steven Martinez, the video captures the exhilarating and occasionally turbulent lifestyle of a developing band both at home and on the road, with the song itself serving as a valiant teaser to the rest of the record.

Chocked to the brim with shimmering guitars and fleshed out, glistening passages, the record showed instant comparisons to the contemporary work of instrumental front runners such as This Will Destroy You, Caspian and Explosions in the Sky. "Nostalgia Trip" sees The Ambient Light beginning to embrace a path separate to that of their forebears. Taking a little over a year to create, it documents a view into the working mind of a band willing to challenge the stylistic boundaries of their own aesthetic.