Wednesday 12 June 2013

COASTS // Live Review- Magnet, Berlin

Bristol five-piece Coasts have just wrapped up on a UK headline tour and are now taking Europe by storm on their first time over there. Hey, they even brought their own palm tree with them. They definitely mean business.

We headed down to the Magnet Club in Berlin to check out their live set at the infamous Indie Kollectiv night, and the guys chatted to us beforehand about touring, recording, oh and their love of football stadiums

Heya guys! How’s the tour been going so far?
JIM [bass]- Yeah it's been really good. The start of the tour in the UK seems like months ago. We've only been here like three days but it feels like we've been here ages. 
CHRIS [vocals]- We've been really lucky with the weather as well. This is our first time in Europe; we'd heard rumours and they've all been proved right, you get treated really well over here. 

So, we saw on your last UK tour you visited the football stadium in each city; big fans then?
BOTH- Yes [laughing].
CHRIS- We're big football fans but yeah we needed something to do so we went around and visited the stadiums. We had a lot of spare time [laughing]. 


The question is, have you been doing it in Europe as well?
JIM- [laughing] No we haven't. Even when we did it in the UK we realised we were missing out [on doing other things]. 
CHRIS- We haven't really had time over here. Today we drove for like twelve hours from Rotterdam.
JIM- We had a great night last night and we wanted to get here early today to see Berlin but then there was a flood so we thought we would be clever and do a re-route somewhere and it was even worse.
CHRIS- Didn't go well at all.
JIM- So then we had over eleven hours in the van in the heat with six grown men getting angry. 
CHRIS- I didn't think I'd make it. 

Have you been noticing a difference in the crowds out in Europe?
CHRIS- Yeah, they're a bit more responsive.
JIM- Yeah, they get into it a bit quicker. We can play some places in the UK and fans just stand and watch and then at the end of the gig you never know how well it's gone. And then you get some nice tweets about it. It's harder to gage a reaction, but here we come off and we know instantly. 

And do you speak any German?
CHRIS- [laughing] Very, very limited. 
JIM- Chris has been here once before so we rely on him, he's the most experienced here. 

So you’ve been compared to the likes of Friendly Fires, Foals and Two Door Cinema? How do you take that?
CHRIS- It's nice to be compared to those bands and we do fit into that same bracket which is cool. But I do think we do bring something different in a sense. 
JIM- When people say something like that it's a good comparison but we feel like we're doing something that we don't hear from other bands. 

You’re called Coasts and have a song “Oceans”; are you fans of the seaside?
CHRIS- [laughing] I love the seaside. That wasn’t intentional at all though. Coasts just fit. 
JIM- We needed a name  because we kept picking names that bands had already taken which sucked. We knew our sound was good for the summer...
CHRIS-...and tropical. So Coasts fit. 

And we noticed a palm tree on stage...
CHRIS- That's ours! She comes everywhere with us, our little baby. 
JIM- It's always the first thing out when we are un-loading the van. People are like "You can load your stuff here" and the first thing that comes out is the palm tree and they're like "What is this?!" People can't believe it. 

"Paradise" the debut EP
So the EP “Paradise” has been doing really well; when can we expect an album?
CHRIS- Yeah, we're just writing loads at the moment. We'll probably release another EP before the album but the album will come next year for sure. 

Have you found a writing/recording style that you stick to?
CHRIS- Yeah fairly. It seems to be working at the moment for us. 
JIM- We found a place and a producer in London for the EP and it just went so well. The plan is to go back again. 
CHRIS- Yeah, if it ain't broke...

And you’ve been picked out by the likes of NME Magazine as a band to watch out for; do you take notice of lists like that?
CHRIS- Yeah you do take notice of it, it's really cool because we've read the NME and are aware of what that can do for a band. It's good because more people are going to hear about you and that's such a good thing. 

You guys are from Bristol; what’s the music scene like there?
JIM- Yeah it's really good, it has a great live scene. Chris is from Bristol but we all met at uni, became friends and started messing about with music and stuff. Then we all moved to Bristol, formed the band and went from there. It's hard because every band says there from this place or that place so it's easier for us to say we're from Bristol. 

You played at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton and you’re going to be at Tramlines in Sheffield; do you enjoy playing festivals as well as headline shows?
JIM- Yeah it's nice to play at something where you can enjoy other bands afterwards. 
CHRIS- We've played a few and have really enjoyed them. We're playing some  European ones as well which will be really fun to come back. It's just different out here and really cool and it's great to travel and see different places. It's definitely a plus of being in a band. 

And finally, what’s next for Coasts?
CHRIS- We'll be doing another tour in the next few months, post summer. 
JIM- We've got some dates already booked for like July/August time and get them done and then after that the EP. 
CHRIS- Just writing mainly. 

And here's what happened when Coasts took to the stage...

They may be relatively far from their native Bristol, but by the time Coasts take to the stage in Berlin the crowd is swelling and eager to see the five Englishmen do their thing. The very fact that they have provided their own palm tree ensures the night already gets off to a fun start, and once the quintet takes to the stage that only increases.

Coasts (and their infamous palm tree!)
Coasts certainly know how to put on a show with a set filled with slow building intros and epic instrumentals. Latest single, “Wallow”, kicks things off; a few Berliners are already getting wild on the front row and the rest are dying to follow suit. Infectious choruses drenched in tropical indie sounds, the rest of the set offers song upon song of the same. Compared to the likes of Friendly Fires, Two Door Cinema Club and Foals it isn’t hard to see why their dose of upbeat summer indie is drawing an ever increasing fan-base both here and in the UK.  However, they are striving for something slightly different. Refreshing and subtle in their approach, songs begin smooth, (such as the mellow openings of “Stone”) before erupting into a euphoric cacophony of sounds. The percussive “Forever” sits perfectly alongside the dynamic and soaring “Your Soul”; Coasts may just be the essential accompaniment to your 2013 festival.

The middle of the set dips a little more so because the crowd are unfamiliar with songs, however that will come with time and the release of future singles, EPs and albums, and we're sure there will be plenty. “Oceans”, the first single taken from EP “Paradise closes the set the majority of the audience now enthusiastically joining in, with what was the undoubted highlight of the night. And with plans for a debut album already in the works it is safe to saymore success awaits. We have a sneaky suspicion that this next year is going to be a big one for Coasts; this is just the beginning. 7.5/10