Monday 22 October 2012

Turbowolf // Live Review, Leeds Cockpit

“We’re Turbowolf; we drive around in a red f*****g van, like Postman Pat, delivering riffs to every city”

So, before the band end their touring cycle and head back in to the studio to get working on the next album, Est.1987 headed down to The Cockpit in Leeds to check out what the four-piece had to offer.
Lead singer Chris Georgiadis on stage at Leeds Cockpit

There is an atmosphere in the crowd even before the Bristol quartet grace the stage. The front of the audience pushes back, making a clear space in front of the stage in preparation for the onslaught of thrashing Turbowolf songs that defy anyone to stand still. The huge three-dimensional Tutankhamen head that hangs as an omnipotent backdrop is unearthed from a huge black sheet, signalling that the show can begin. 

Turbowolf at The Cockpit
Flamboyant, theatrical, psychedelic; what more could you want? From start to finish the unrelenting pace is electrifying as Turbowolf confidently blitz through album track “Seven Severed Heads” and the Lightning Bolt cover of “Captain Caveman”. Before heading back into the studio to work on a new release the band also debut a brand new track “12 Houses”. The new track fits effortlessly into the set and lead singer Chris Georgiadis comfortably surfs into the crowd. “This [song] is a dance floor f*****g mover. Are you ready for this? Grab a partner Leeds, it’s gonna happen” commands Chris as Turbowolf deliver the onslaught of “Read + Write” before blasting through the heavier and thrash filled “Things Could Be Good Again”.

A Psychedelic show- Turbowolf at The Cockpit
Turbowolf storm The Cockpit

The energy and intensity is high from both onstage and from the filled room at The Cockpit. Harriet Bevan from support band Black Moth, even joins in on the impressive cover of Jefferson Airplane’s “Somebody To Love”. It can never be said that Turbowolf aren’t dynamic; their set offers songs that are haunting, terrifying and thrilling and hark back to a past era of trippy and psychedelic rock. 

“You know what time it is…it’s time to die mother f*****s” announces the vivacious front-man before launching into “Let’s Die” the final song this evening. The synth-based intro makes way for heavy percussive verses and a huge chorus that summons one last almighty sing a long from the enthusiastic crowd. We wait in excitement for the new material and on the next tour.