Thursday 18 October 2012

Gallows // Interview with Wade MacNeil

Gallows are currently busy headlining sold out shows around the UK. After this run the band aren't slowing down in the lead up to Christmas; they are heading out Canada and America.  

Est.1987 took the opportunity to sit down with front-man Wade MacNeil. The former Alexisonfire vocalist and guitarist joined Gallows just over a year ago after Frank Carter's departure. 

To read what Wade had to say about the new album, influences and the rebirth of the band click below. 

Wade MacNeil on stage in Leeds

Heya Wade. So, it’s been a year since you joined Gallows and marked the next evolution in the band. How has the past year gone? As a band are you happier and stronger than ever?
The past year has been really busy, touring and recording.  It's been a very exciting time. I can't really speak about the past but I can say right now we are very proud of the new record and excited to hit the road and play it for people.

"Gallows" the album out now
Your self-titled latest album was released just over a month ago. Most bands choose a self-titled record for their first release. Is this marking a re-birth of the band?
It remarks a rebirth of the band, but it also marks the band getting back to its roots.

It was also released on Venn Records which is the band’s own label; did this give you much more creative freedom this time around?
Yes. Running a label has always been a dream of ours. We have complete control.

Did you work differently in the writing and recording process this time?
It was more collaborative this time around.  All the songs have everyones stamp on them.  A good band is a sum of its parts; no one looks at a song the same way so it was important to have everyone writing together.

Music influence-wise; who/what were you listening to around the time of the writing and recording? Did any of that filter in?
We all listen to different things.  But, all of us have an affinity for the first wave of UK punk and late 90s power violence.

Wade MacNeil

Do you like being back out on the road playing the songs live and seeing people’s reactions?
Yeah, the new songs are getting a great reaction, which is cool to see them fit seamlessly with the old songs.

You’re heading out to tour in America after this run; are you looking forward to that and do you see a difference playing over there?
I look forward to every day I get to be on stage playing music.  There aren't many differences playing country to country; people are people.

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