Tuesday 23 October 2012

FUTURE TALENT #14- Singled Out

Singled Out are the exciting breakout pop-punk/hardcore band from Minneapolis. Initially formed in 2009 as Dead On The Dance Floor, the 4 piece released debut E.P "This Has Just Begun" before re-launching themselves in July 2011. With a new name and a more focused sound, "Unfamiliar Faces" E.P was released on August 3rd. Singled Out were also victorious in this years Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands, earning them the right to play on the prestigious Vans Warped Tour. So read what happened when we caught up with the band...

For people who are new to “Singled Out” how would you describe your sound and who are your influences?
Drew Bart: In terms of genre, we’ve just gone with saying “melodic pop-core,” but we don’t look at ourselves as just one genre or put ourselves in box because of our sound. We really try to branch out and get different emotions and feelings with out songs whether it be more poppy or heavy, we just kind of write what we like and hope other people like it back. All of us in the band have different influences. I was personally influence a lot by Fall Out Boy growing up. We’re all definitely influenced by the early 2000 Warped Tour bands. Green Day, The Used, NOFX, My Chemical Romance and Taking Back Sunday. But now we all kinda listen to completely different music. Austin listens to All Time Low and a lot of weird indie bands like Copeland, Mitch likes the Wonder Years and Alex is still blaring his Metallica CD’s! 

You initially formed as “Dead On The Dance Floor” – why the name change to “Singled Out”? Guessing it’s nothing to do with the MTV hit show of the same name?!
Austin Pilarski: When we decided that we wanted to change our name, we had two names that it came down to, Unfamiliar Faces and Singled Out. Since we decided to go with Singled Out, we felt that Unfamiliar Faces would be fitting for our new EP, since we released it shortly after we changed our name.

Singled Out
You played on this year’s Warped Tour. It’s a dream for a lot of bands who have attended the tour and really want to play it- was that the same for you and how was that experience?
Austin Pilarski: The most awesome part about playing Warped Tour in my opinion is the fact that Kevin Lyman watched our set and was impressed with how many kids were there. I saw so many new faces as well as a lot of friends that I’ve met at other shows we’ve played. Kevin estimated that there were between 500 and 600 kids at our stage for our slot. Having more kids watch our set than the touring bands on that stage really showed me how much hard work really pays off.

"Unfamiliar Faces"
Was it even more special because you had been hand selected to be a part of it?
Drew Bart: That was a real honor. Kevin Lyman, who runs Warped Tour is just awesome at what he does, and does it for all the right reasons. Our friends from The Suit played like two weeks of the tour last year, they came and watched our set and had said that Kevin Lyman was also watching our set too. If he was, that’s by far the coolest that’s ever happened to me.

Your debut full length record is due to be released Spring 2013- what can we expect from it and are you excited to get it out there following on from the success of the two EPs?
 Alex Muhich: Well we’ve never really had a set style of music. We kind of go in the direction of The Used, where they have a bunch of different sounding songs on one album. Granted they pull it off a million times better we ever will. I think with ‘Unfamiliar Faces’ we started really getting our musical identity down to one concrete sound. With five guys having totally different musical tastes it works really well. We’ve found our happy medium, and sound that we really want to put out for people to hear. Our full length will actually sound like one band.

You recently covered Christina Perri’s “Jar of Hearts”; what attracted you to cover that? And what other songs would you like to cover or have in the pipeline?
Alex Muhich: I think I was just goofing around playing guitar and started playing it. I do really like the song. The overall melody of the whole thing is great. And I really thought by some chance, some fluke, Christina Perri would see this; we’d start dating and get married. At least that’s what I’m banking on. In all seriousness, I really enjoy the sound of a piano in songs. I like the Fray, Barcelona is really awesome and Christina Perri of course. I’m just instantly drawn to that type of music.

What’s next for you guys? Do you have more plans to tour? And would you like to come over to the UK eventually? 
Drew Bart: Personally I would love to come to the UK. I’m a huge soccer fan and would love to see a match or two. I’m enamoured by everything over there, so I would love to tour over there!
Austin Pilarski: As far as short term plans for the next few months, just write and play shows. Then as early as spring, we plan on doing some tours across the country. Hopefully our music can catch on and influence kids like the bands we love influence us. If so, I’d love to keep touring.