Thursday 14 June 2012

It Boys! // Interview & Live Review

They've just been announced to play the UK Warped Tour later this year and have a busy summer ahead on the US leg of the tour. 

As promised here is what happened when Est.1987 caught up with Hollywood pop-punkers It Boys! when they were recently touring over in the UK with Forever The Sickest Kids. 

Click below to watch what Tommy [bass, left] and Matt [vocals, right] had to say about , touring, musical collaborations and why "boys don't like" them!

And here's what happened when It Boys! took to the stage...

Jeff Oster- It Boys! guitarist 
The line of excited fans circling the Academy is enough to predict that tonight is going to be riotous. The sun sweltering outside makes the venue unbearably hot, however no-one seems to let the heat get in the way as the crowds congregate in front of the stage ready for the show to begin. Often support bands fail to muster up the same enthusiasm and energy from the crowd who are there to see the main band. However, It Boys! effortlessly manage to stir the crowd into a frenzy and even those who entered thinking “It Boys! who?” were soon pulled in and singing along to the band’s infectious choruses from songs such as “Guys Don’t Like Me”.

There has been a buzz around It Boys! since they landed in the UK and the Hollywood quintet have been popping up on radio stations and press up and down the country. Pop at its best with threads of guitar punk rhythms, It Boys!’ deliver on every count this evening in Manchester. They are tight, confident and bound around the stage with endless energy; you wouldn’t know that it was their first time playing to a UK crowd. Lead singer, Matt Cut, is charismatic and leads the band through hits taken from their debut album, the aptly named “Introduction”.  
It Boys! on stage in Manchester
Up beat club anthems such as the new single “Burning Up” are placed in the set alongside slower album track such as “Rooftops”. The band smoothly changes the dynamic and show their range of song writing credentials; drummer, Duck Leary, showing his impressive vocal talents on “Rooftops”. “Spring Break Up” is powerful and anthemic, its electronic “Breathe Carolina”-esque beats soar through The Academy; whilst “Crazy” uses the electronic rhythms to produce a track that is gritty, yet retains the melodic nature that makes the It Boys! sound so contagious. With the sun blazing down the entire day, the It Boys!’ vibrant summer anthems and captivating melodies were the perfect climax to a perfect day.

The set is over before anyone wants it to be and with UK tours in the pipeline for later on this year it is obvious to see that It Boys! have gained a lot of fans this evening. With their fresh pop-punk sounds blended with electronic based beats, catchy guitar riffs and undeniably good looks with (great hair to boot!); we’re sold! And we’re betting you will be too!

"Introduction" the debut album is out now! To read our review click HERE

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