Friday 1 June 2012

FUTURE TALENT #8- Take One Car

Upstate New York rockers “Take One Car” have been making a name for themselves since their debut release back in 2009.They are back with latest album “It's Going to Be a Nice Day”, so Est.1987 took the opportunity to sit down with the band to chat about the new record, experimenting and Millerton Village.

Hi Guys! So, first I have to ask you about the name “Take One Car”; where did that come from?
The name came from a car accident that two former members were involved in. It began as a joke, you know, 'you guys should just take one car to practice.' After that, it just stuck. 

Take One Car
You’re out touring around America all June; do you like being out on the road and what can people expect from the live show?
I love being on the road, as do the rest of the guys. Touring is something that I've always wished I could do and now that we're actually able to, I try to enjoy it as much as possible. It's always an adventure, wandering around new cities and meeting new people. Even when bad s**t happens, you learn not to take it so seriously because at the end of the day, we're still doing what we love and we're incredibly lucky for that. The only thing that I can promise people will experience at one of our shows is the four of us putting all that we have into our music. We've never tried to put on a 'show' or be entertainers. The goal has always been to get up on stage and enjoy being able to do something together that we really care about. I'd like to think that sentiment comes across in what we play, at least I hope so.

From listening to your music, you seem quite an experimental band and it’s quite hard to 
pin you down to one genre. What’s your response to that? Is it purposeful so it allows you 
to explore your sound and allows the listener to decide for themselves?    
It makes me glad to hear something like that. It is too commonplace these days for bands to be thrown into over-hyphenated categories, and it usually ends up being a meagre attempt at trying to describe a sound. We've never sat down and decided what the genre or style of music we play would be. I think the experimental aspect comes from how different all of our personal tastes are. I love the fact that we haven't tied ourselves to one genre, because it does allow us to explore and enjoy writing. When a band is constantly churning out the same sounds it becomes more of a task to write songs; you already know what the final product is going to sound like and it's just a matter of filling in the blanks along the way. I like not knowing what's going to happen when we get together to write, jam, or just toss around ideas.

Take One Car's latest album

It's Going to Be a Nice Day, your latest album, came out in February; how has the band 
changed and your sound and influences evolved since “When the Ceiling Meets the 
We've gone through quite a few changes since the first album. It took us a long time to arrive at the current line-up, but I think that makes us appreciate each other so much more. When we were writing and recording WTCMTF, we were so excited by the process of it all that I think we overlooked some of the finer details. When it came time to write IGTBAND, we tried to write visceral and cohesive parts. There was a lot of time spent really getting to know the feel of a song and trying to make it the best it could be. Of course, there were things that got changed while in the studio but that mentality lasted throughout.

You’re from Millerton village in NY; what is the music and culture scene like there? Did that inspire and influence the band growing up?
We actually all grew up and came from different parts of New York. Millerton became our centre point and headquarters of sorts when we got together. Up until last year, I would have told you that our local scene really sucked. At the venues around here, you'll usually only be able find the same breakdown and pop-punk sounding bands at every show. That was really discouraging for a few years because we felt like we were constantly fighting an uphill battle to get people to even give us a chance. Luckily, that frustration only led to us being more devoted to creating something that we were truly proud of. Around this time last year, we played the Spring For Sound Festival in Millerton. There were so many unique and interesting bands coming out of this small town that I never even knew existed. It blew me away. I'm happy to say that we will be returning to SFS this year and I'm excited to hear what everyone has been up to.

And finally, what else do you guys have planned for 2012? Any plans to come over to UK shores?
We will be doing a Northeast run in late August. We've been together for almost 5 years and amazingly, we've never hit Western New York. As far as an international tour, we have some things planned for Spring 2013.

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