Wednesday 6 June 2012

FUTURE TALENT #9- Underwater Tiger

In March of this year, Upstate New York melodic alt rockers Underwater Tiger released their mouth watering debut album, "Where Miles Become Meaning". We caught up with the band to chat about recording their debut album, touring and brotherly love.
Hi guys, how’s it going? Your debut album came out recently and you’re on a number of short tours across the Northeast of America this summer culminating with a date at Jones Beach on August 4th; are you looking forward to it?
We’ve been anxiously anticipating this summer ever since we finalised the album release date.  To be able to spread our music to our fans in a live setting with a tangible album has been a goal of all of ours for a very long time.  To be able to play a venue like Jones Beach is a blessing and is a testament to our fans.  We are chomping at the bit to get out there and see the country.

What’s the best thing about being out on the road touring?
There is a certain camaraderie between band mates that develops when you’re on the road that cannot be replicated.  You learn to share more than you are usually accustomed to, and if you’re squeamish about full frontal male nudity then you probably shouldn't be in a touring band.  That, and being able to interact with fans at new venues everyday have to be tied for the best aspect of touring. We try to interact with fans as much as possible via social media, but nothing beats being able to speak with them in person and share our music with them.

Underwater Tiger's debut album, out now
“Where Miles Become Meaning” is the album; how was the experience of creating it and then putting it out into the public arena?
We knew releasing an album would be an unforgettable experience, but we underestimated the amount of time and patience necessary to release an album on your own.  After an amazing year of recording with our good friend and producer Phil Abbott we released our record and the response has been tremendous.  Fan support has been overwhelming, which makes us eager to get back in the studio and push our sound even further.

What are the themes of the album and your inspiration for the songs?
We wrote about a number of things on this record, from new love, to love lost, to finding yourself, and what the hardships in life mean for one's personal growth. The album title "Where Miles Become Meaning" references the idea that your journey through life, the decisions you make, and the people you touch sort of define who you are, rather than the money in your pocket or the clothes that you wear. Furthermore, both the successes and failures in life are just steps and lessons getting us to where we want to be. The middle of the record is mostly about love and relationships, but still keeping the theme that the title track set, referencing things like regret, questioning whether you made the right decision, moving on after you've been hurt, and finding ways to work things out. The final track "The Summer Came" really tied the album together musically and thematically for us. Ending the album with all 5 members' voices harmonizing, and the lyrics "This has only just begun" is really symbolic for us, and we knew that's how we should end the record.

You self funded the album through fans donating via which is testament to your music and fanbase. Do you think that is the direction the music industry is taking today?
The Internet has developed into the singular force driving the music industry today. While it changed the landscape, the connection between artist and fan has become much more personal.  Labels are still necessary to a point, but it seems like the “ internet community” and certain websites/businesses (such as IndieGoGo) have found ways to support a direct fan to artist scenario that cuts out the middle man, increases profitability for the artist, and makes the listener feel more connected with their favourite musicians. All in all, we are just happy that people have a way to hear our music! 

Underwater Tiger
There are two sets of brothers in the band; any sibling rivalry and arguing or is it nice having family with you to experience it all together?
Any sibling rivalry that does exist in the band manifests itself into trying to write better music than your brother(s), which only helps the band.  Our fights escalate much more quickly and get more intense than non-family fights, but the plus side is that we can hug it out, say we love each other and move on within minutes.  Experiencing the accomplishment of life goals with your brothers and being able to share those experiences with them is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a band.

And finally, what else do Underwater Tiger have planned in the next year? Can we expect a UK tour?
We will be writing a new EP very soon and recording/releasing that record in the next year.  We will be on the road spreading our music around the US as much as possible. In response to the UK tour question, we would LOVE to do a UK tour, but at the moment we don’t have the type of financial backing necessary to make it a reality.  As our fan base develops and opportunities grow we would jump at the opportunity.  Keep spreading the word and let's make it happen!

Catch Underwater Tiger on tour-
16th - Big Flats Community Days, Big Flats, NY
30th - Turn 10 Village, Watkins Glen, NY

7th - Brady’s Pub, Elmira, NY
13th - Tammany Hall, NY
26th - Arlene’s Grocery, NY

4th – Beach Boardwalk Band Shell, Jones Beach, NY

And for more info on the band-
Photo credit- Molly Cagwin, Cagwin Photography & Design