Wednesday 13 June 2012

FUTURE TALENT #10- Amy Can Flyy

Amy Can Flyy have been away for a little while, but have been working very hard; a new EP is on the way and the quartet are back on the road in July.
The boys have also just been filming a new video for “You Can't Stop Us Now”. Stay locked to Est.1987 where we will bring you the video shortly, but for now check out what the boys had to say about the new record, touring and how Bournemouth is a mini California.

Heya guys! So, it’s been a little while since releasing your last E.P. You released a preview of the new one on YouTube; are you looking forward to getting the full thing out there?
CHRIS-  We can't wait to release our new EP this year! It has been a long time coming but we assure you... it's worth the wait.

The new E.P is called “The Start”; is this ‘the start’ of the next step for “Amy Can Flyy”? 
BEN- We knew straight away that we had to call it The Start. It just felt right. The Start represents a new beginning in our life as a band - the next chapter.
Has the writing and recording process changed at all as you’ve developed as a band and are now on your third E.P?
C- The writing process has inevitably changed from when the band started out. Old fans may remember when Clive was in the band. He was very involved in the song writing process. After he decided to part ways a few years back we had to adapt and consequently now work more closely as a unit. “Letting Go Of The Monster” proved
that we could make it work.
FUZZ- “Letting Go Of The Monster” was just practice. Now it's time for the real deal.

TOM- We've been lucky enough to work closely with our label Horsepower in the recording process. Recording our parts in an old hop kiln in deepest Hampshire will always bring back tear jerkingly happy memories.

You’re going on tour this summer with “That Sunday Feeling”; are you looking forward to getting out on the road?
B- You have no idea how psyched we are to get back on the road. We are like a coiled spring, especially Chris.
C- Although we are not headlining the tour, we are ready to give it all we've got. I've been practising new stage moves, so fans should definitely come and check them out!
F- I'm excited.

For people who haven’t seen you guys before, but have heard your recorded music, what can they expect from your live show?
C- Coming back to my stage moves, one can expect some serious coordinated rock-based choreography. The front row of the crowd better be wearing their waterproofs!
T- Fans of old and new can expect a bit of everything. We'll be playing our new material but we're all pumped to play some old classics.

You’re from Bournemouth; how was the music scene growing up there and how has that shaped the band?
C- Bournemouth is a great town. It's like a mini California! There has always been a large music scene. A lot of venues have come and gone (RIP ibar) and many bands have fallen by the wayside. Many people would think it has been tough for us as our music has never quite fitted in with the other local bands, but that's never bothered me.
B- There have been a lot of post-hardcore acts and suchlike, however we've always stuck to our guns with our genre of music and what we represent.

F- Through the struggle we have become stronger.

And finally, you’ve got the new E.P out this summer and are going on tour; what else do you have planned as a band for this year?
T- The question is, what haven't we got planned? We've just shot our new music video for “You Can't Stop Us Now” with the awesome Lilah Vandenburgh and we will be shooting another very soon. You can expect a headline tour later this year too. When “The Start” comes out you will also see some brand new merch. Stoked!

C- We will also be launching our new reality TV show on Dave: 'Flyy On The Wall'.

F- Watch out!

C- Only joking... Unless Dave is interested... Dave?

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