Tuesday 6 May 2014

The Maine // Interview & Live Review

Last time we caught up with rock five-piece, The Maine, they were over in the UK with We Are The Ocean. The boys are back on British shores with Deaf Havana and are storming up and down the country.
We headed down to the magnificent Clapham Grand to catch up with the band and watch them perform at the iconic venue. Click below to read the interview and live review…

Last time we saw you, you were over here with We Are The Ocean- are you glad to be back?
PAT [Kirch, drums]- We’re excited to be here again. This has been my personal favourite time; the weather’s been awesome and the shows have been great.
GARRETT [Nickelsen, bass]- I know, I didn’t realise you guys got good weather over here [laughing].

You spend so much time over here; is the UK your second home?
PAT- Yeah, definitely.
GARRETT- Yeah, it’s weird going down a street and knowing where you are; not knowing anything else but knowing the street and “Oh, I’ve been in that Wagamamas ten times” [laughing].

Is Wagamamas your favourite food over here? Loads of bands that come over seem to love that or Nandos
PAT- I’ll take Nandos
GARRETT- I’ll take Wagamamas, definitely

You’re on tour with Deaf Havana- did you know those guys before?
PAT- We did four dates with them like two years ago. We hadn’t hung out very much but it’s been great this time around.

And most of the shows are sell-outs is it great playing to big, packed out venues?
PAT- It’s great yeah
GARRET- And it’s weird; I feel like it’s a lot of kids that don’t know us which is good.

Yeah, I was going to ask; being the support band you can be playing to people who haven’t heard of you. Does that put the pressure on, or do you enjoy that challenge?
GARRETT- I like it; we haven’t done it for a while.
PAT- Yeah, I love it.
GARRET- We definitely embrace it.
PAT- I feel like we’re an okay enough band [laughing].

You do have such a big following over here; we’ve seen quite a few The Maine tattoos…
PAT- Yeah, it’s wild.
GARRETT- It’s crazy how a song can mean more to that person than maybe even us
PAT- When we first started, we didn’t even know you could tour outside of America
GARRETT- Yeah, so tattoos was a different universe [laughing].

You have great interaction with the fans and are always hosting online Q&As- do you think that’s important?
PAT- I feel like that’s one of the only reasons that we can still do this; we’ve done it since the beginning and I feel like it’s made us who we are. I think it’s awesome.

And you’ve played at Hit The Deck Festival whilst you’ve been over and you are regulars on the Warped tour circuit; what’s your favourite festival?
PAT- I love Soundwave in Australia; the venues are awesome and it’s beautiful over there.
GARRETT- Yeah, it’s like heaven, it’s pretty crazy.

You’ve released an acoustic EP, ‘Imaginary Numbers’ which shows a different side to the band…
PAT- Yeah, it’s great not to have any pressure to make a certain sound; you don’t have to be concerned about having an up tempo song or a loud rock song.

You guys have switched your sound up quite a bit and have been sure not to be pigeon holed into one genre
GARRETT- Yeah, definitely, we want to be open to lots of sounds.

And you’re releasing a DVD of the acoustic tour you did in the States
PAT- Yeah, it’s the one from our hometown show which was awesome.
GARRETT- We only played like twelve shows, so we thought it would be cool to release something so people could see it and see a different side to the band.

You guys always have so many different things going on; are there any other projects you really want to get involved in?
PAT- We’ve been doing a lot [laughing] as a band and individual projects. We just recorded our buddy Nick Santino who was in A Rocket To The Moon; we recorded his new record. That was something I’ve always wanted to do, to record something that I haven’t been involved in. It was cool and we’re always on the move and having new ideas.

So what else have you got coming up?
PAT- We go to Brazil after here and we’re going to put out some new old songs; just some songs that haven’t made it on the past couple of records. Then the acoustic DVD and then we’re going to be on the road a lot. We are also planning another trip over to the UK too.
GARRETT- If people want us back [laughing].

And here's what happened when The Maine took to the stage...

The Maine just can’t keep away from the UK and take to the epic Clapham Grand supporting British rockers, Deaf Havana. The five piece take to the stage in a modest fashion, but their performance is far from understated. ‘Run’ soars out into the iconic venue and the crowd, bursting at the seams, is ecstatic. The band admitted that they’re playing to many people who have never heard them, but the audience here tonight is immediately receptive. The Maine is a perfect example of a band that haven’t been afraid to evolve their sound, push boundaries and forever find ways to redefine what their music is. Yet at the heart of it all, and indeed their live performance, is passion. They get lost in the music but the passion is engulfing and, as they blast through infectious hits such as ‘Right Girl’ and ‘Misery’, you can’t help but be pulled in. Now having adapted to a new vintage sound, The Maine is effortless; front man John O’Callaghan bounds around the stage whilst bassist Garrett Nickelsen is a ball of energy.

As well as huge hits, the band also throw in a couple of older tracks and fan favourites. Rounding the set off with ‘Like We Did (Windows Down)’ The Maine send off their part of the night in style. Upbeat pop choruses and blended with huge riffs and rock hooks; the audience is left wanting more.  The Maine can’t keep away from the UK and the UK can’t get enough of them. 8/10

An Acoustic Evening With The Maine - the live concert and documentary is available now at: