Monday 19 May 2014

EofE support McBusted // Interview & Live Review, Manchester Phones 4U Arena

McBusted is the hot ticket in town. The supergroup combining the musical forces of Busted and McFly is currently taking over Manchester’s Phones 4 U Arena for a 3 day sold out stint. And tasked with the job of warming up the crowd? Midlands pop rockers EofE. We caught up with the four-piece ahead of the show to chat about playing to over 380,000 people, the new single and their dream supergroups.

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You’ve been in music and in other bands for a few years and have toured before, but I guess for you all the McBusted tour is the big one
DAN [Bremner, guitar]- I can’t really describe it really, it’s been immense from the start
NICKY [Waters, drums]- It doesn’t feel real to be honest, it’s crazy. We have a videographer with us and we’re doing tour diaries every week. It’s only when we watch them back that we’re like, "oh we did that". It’ quite surreal.

You're playing to over 380,000 fans- is that hard to even comprehend that number?
TOM [Harris, vocals]- You sometimes forget just how many people are there and then you see all the flashing lights taking photos.
DAN- It’s such an adrenalin rush and knowing that you’re going down with other people’s fans too, so that’s great.
TOM- We try not to just stand there with our jaws wide open thinking this is cool.

The new single ‘Lust’ out end of May. Your stuff seems more on the rockier side, but still with the catchy pop choruses which is perfect for the McBusted support- what bands inspire your sound?
DAN- We all grew up listening to different thing really; different, but the same. It’s all rock but we have different tastes really.
LUKE [Bradley, bass]- I think that reflects in the music really, heavy guitars but what we listened to did have poppy choruses regardless of what genre.

You're from Birmingham- does the music scene their influence the sound?
TOM- I think we can all agree that growing up in the Dudley area and Nicky in the North-East that there wasn’t very music to do; you either liked football or roamed around the streets, so we thought let’s form a band.
DAN- You start playing an instrument and looking up to bands like Led Zeppelin and then you find out that they’re from here and you’re like “what?” and then it just clicks.
LUKE- We all started it as a hobby, so to go from that to playing arenas is incredible. It’s the best job.

Birmingham arena was the home town show- was that one particularly special?
DAN- Yeah, that was great and we get to back to play again next week so that will be special.
TOM- It was quite sentimental really…

Any tears shed on stage?
[All laughing]
DAN- It wasn’t that sentimental, just sweat. And it was great with friends messaging us saying they were coming down.
TOM- And people texting afterwards saying, “I didn’t know you were supporting McBusted”.

Although we hear that Luke loves Leeds Utd?
LUKE- Yeah I do, which probably isn’t going to go down well in Manchester [laughing]. We’ve already played Leeds so I was wearing my Leeds Utd shirt in sound check- representing.

The name EofE- it comes from the James Dean movie East of Eden, right?
DAN- James Dean is a massive icon and we do like the film.
LUKE- It’s quite funny; we’re called EofE from the James Dean film, the other support band I called Young Brando after Marlon Brando so it was meant to be.

If you could form a supergroup with one other band who would it be?
TOM- Just for cool reference I think You Me At Six.
DAN- Yeah, we could be called, You MEofE [laughing]. And we have a similar sound to them.

Busted and McFly first began their careers over a decade ago- where do you guys want to be in 10 years time?
ALL- Still doing this.
TOM- Hopefully we will be doing our own arena or stadium tours, which would be immense. This tour has whet our appetite.
NICKY- More music, more playing, just more.

You do some covers on tour- if you could cover one Busted or McFly song- which?
DAN-We all have different favourites but for me it would be ‘Five Colours in Her Hair’; it’s such a good tune and has a great riff. Or ‘You Said No’ by Busted.
TOM- It would be ‘Sleeping With The Light On’ for me by Busted. And ‘Transylvania’ by McFly.
LUKE- My favourite is Busted’s ‘What I Go To School For’.
NIKCY- I like McFly’s ‘Shine A Light’, it’s got such a great chorus.

And finally, what’s next for EofE?
TOM- We have loads of stuff coming up; a festival in Germany and in America and some new material when we come back and our own headline tour at some point. We’ll go wherever anyone wants us to play.
Thanks guys. Good luck with the rest of the tour.

And here’s what happened when EofE took to the stage…

Manchester Phones 4 U Arena is bursting with screaming girls, or should that be screaming mid-20 year olds. The crowd that McBusted attracts is varied, yet nevertheless enthusiastic as EofE take to the stage. They may have only formed little more than a year ago and they may be relatively young in comparison to their touring counterparts, however the quartet know how to work the crowd.

Opening with Michael Jackson’s iconic ‘Billie Jean’ and Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ they mashed the two up into a high octane, forceful start to their set, and had the audience on board immediately. Although the opener may not have been an original penned track, the rest of the set proved to be just as enjoyable. ‘Kiss Me Like You Mean It’, an EofE original, is an upbeat pop rock anthem with an infectious chorus that echoes throughout the arena. Slightly on the rocker side than McBusted, EofE deliver big rock riffs set alongside pop infused choruses that cry out to be sung along to.

They are confident and not in the least daunted by playing to the 20,00 strong crowd, and frontman Tom Harris bounds up and down the stage, the screaming girls tracking his every move. Highlight of the evening comes in the form of latest single ‘Lust’ (released 26th May). ‘Lust’ is the final track in the set and sees EofE go out with a bang. The verses build to“She Knows” – the anthemic refrain in the chorus. Rock riffs and percussion dominate and with a striking guitar solo it is a gutsy close. Both vocally and musically EofE are on point- it really is hard to fault them. Tom delivers an impressive final note sealing their fate; it is clear that most of the McBusted crowd hadn’t heard of EofE before tonight, however they are going away new fans, and with the chorus to ‘Lust’ embedded in their brain. Warming up the crowd? Job well done boys. 7.5/10