Sunday 26 January 2014

The Satellite Tour Preview // Sons and Lovers

Satellite Tour, a brand new live music experience showcasing the best up-and-coming artists, is coming in February 2014. Next up in our preview of the artists is Sons and Lovers. We caught the four-piece last summer at Y NOT Festival and loved what we saw 
  Click below to read what they had to say to us about getting out on the road, putting out music for free and trying to stick to new year's resolutions...

Last year you played with the likes of Ellie Goulding, The Naked and Famous as well as huge festival slots; did you enjoy these big shows?
They were an amazing experience! Was a pretty crazy year to be honest.

And are you looking forward to getting out on The Satellite Tour which will be more intimate venues?
As soon as we heard about the tour we couldn't we jumped at the opportunity. There can be a really special atmosphere at intimate shows that big ones sometimes lack so we can't wait!

Is it nice to be selected as a band to look out alongside the other acts on the tour?
Definitely, we feel really lucky to be asked to play on the tour. We're big fans of Eliza & the Bear and Fred Page so it will be great to see them play every night and crush them both at Fifa every day.

What’s your favourite venue that you’ve played? And are you looking forward to going to venues you haven’t played?
We love The Cavern in Exeter. Josh grew up in Exeter and it's where we met. Every town and city should have a venue that is as committed and passionate about grass roots live music as they are. Apart from the Cavern we are especially excited about playing The Basement Coffee House in Ayr, it got voted best small venue in Scotland by NME so they must be doing something right!

How would you describe your sound to people who haven’t heard of Sons and Lovers?
We try to write anthemic, emotive pop songs. Sing along choruses, big guitars, big strings - that kind of thing... It's always pretty hard to describe your own sound though.

You’ve been releasing tracks for free online and had a club NME residency at KOKO; have they been great at getting your music and name out there?
Definitely, we wanted our music to be heard by as many people as possible and putting ‘Golden’ and ‘Ghosts’ up for free download definitely helped us with that. The Koko residency was such a good month as well! It's one of our favourite venues and the crowd is so up for it, so it made for a very good month.

We’re well into January now- how are those new year’s resolutions going?
POORLY. The much needed curbs on booze and food didn't really even get started... I'm sure we'll have a quiet chilled out February though...  Oh.
Honestly, our resolutions were to make every effort to play as many shows as possible in 2014 so The Satellite Tour has definitely sorted us out.

What else have you guys got coming up in 2014?
We're releasing our first ever physical single which is really exciting! We've got a few things we've been working very hard on behind the scenes which are going live very soon as well, looking like it's going to be a really exciting few months.

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