Sunday 26 January 2014

Satellite Tour Preview // Interview with Fred Page

Satellite Tour, a brand new live music experience showcasing the best up-and-coming artists, is coming in February 2014. The tour visits some of the best small venues the UK has to offer, bringing the hottest new artists to a town near you.  
We caught up with the acts ahead of the tour and first up is singer/songwriter Fred Page. Click below to read what he had to say to us about musical influences, his single, 'Concrete' and this being his first ever tour...

You’re a stripped back singer/songwriter- do these intimate venues on The Satellite Tour work perfectly for you?
I hope so! It's gonna be cool with the contrast of the other two acts being bands. 

The tour is hitting all 4 corners of the UK; is it nice for you to get to places and venues that other tours don’t reach?
Yeah big time, I'm looking forward to seeing places I've never been.

And we hear it’s your first tour- have any bands or friends given you advice?
The advice is pretty varied. I'm not sure who to believe, I've been told I'm "gonna love it” although I'm not sure what that means.

A year of firsts for you because your first single is coming out soon? Can you tell us a bit more about it?
It's a song called ‘Concrete’ - I wrote it half way through last year. Sort of about being consistent for someone. Recorded it with Eliot James at the beginning of this year.

The Satellite Tour is made up of bands selected as ones to watch out for- is it nice to be asked to be a part of that?
I'm really pleased to be a part of it I think it's gonna be great.

What singer/songwriters influenced you growing up and shaped your sound?
There was a lot of Jeff Buckley and Fleetwood Mac in our house - and all the 90s bands like the Verve and Travis. I love Ryan Adams and Bon Iver.

What else has 2014 got in store?
Who knows! Lots of shows, songs and stories I hope!

Tickets cost £4 and are on sale now.