Thursday 2 January 2014

2013 Favourites // The 1975, Live Review & Photo Set

Happy New Year! Continuing on our look back at the best of 2013, next up are 'band of the year'- The 1975.  Numerous sell out UK and US tours, countless packed festival tent performances, millions of web hits, oh and a debut number one selling album; not bad then. Behind the scenes the quartet has been working hard for a decade, perfecting their sound and live performance. It is this very live show that we headed down to see at Leeds University’s Stylus. The entire tour sold out months ago so we were expecting something pretty special...

Long before The 1975 make their way to the stage, the venue is brimming, the heat uncomfortable and the atmosphere electric. Anticipation simply couldn’t be greater to see what the Manchester four-piece has to offer. For many this is the first opportunity to see their live show. Prior to this the band has only headlined the much smaller Leeds venue, The Cockpit, and even the 1000 capacity Stylus now seems too small for the band’s rise in fans. With the debut self-titled album deemed a resounding success, if that is anything to go by, then fans who have been lucky enough to get a ticket are in for a treat tonight.

As the instantly recognisable percussive opening of hit single ‘The City’ kicks things off, the room is sent into a frenzy and, from this point on energy levels fail to dip throughout the entire set. 

Short, explosive synth-pop songs, one after another; tracks such as ‘Girls’ are infectious, but it’s hit single ‘Chocolate’, (which was recently voted the best song of the 100 most played tracks on Radio 1 in the past five years), written after the band’s run in with the police many years ago, which really stirs the crowd. Their set is the perfect mix of the upbeat anthems and more atmospheric and mellow musings of ‘M.O.N.E.Y’, ‘Head.Cars.Bending’  and ‘So Far (It’s Alright)’.

Effortlessly cool, much of The 1975’s vintage tone, found in songs such as ‘’Heart Out’ and ‘Talk!’,  could be that of a John Hughes movie soundtrack. Front man, Matty Healy, bottle of red wine in hand, occasionally banters awkwardly with the fervent crowd, however, the music does the majority of the talking. Slick and tight, The 1975 may have become an overnight hit, however it is the four-piece’s long standing history and friendship that allows the songs and stage show to speak for itself tonight.
The adoring crowd, who know every single word, aren’t quite satisfied until the band return for a couple more songs. Chants of “We want Sex, we want Sex” ensue, until The 1975 make a re-entrance. Hit debut single, ‘Sex’ is almost drowned out, partly by the audience joining in with the lyrics and partly because of the sounds of screaming girls at Matty’s now naked torso in the rising heat of Stylus. It is left to the echoic ‘You’ to close out the set. With its catchy riff and impressive instrumental breakdown, the night is ended on a high.

The 1975 has been on an incredible journey and worked hard to get where they are today, however, we feel that this is only the beginning. 9/10