Thursday 16 January 2014

iTCH // Debut Album Announcement & UK Tour with Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip

iTCH will release his highly anticipated debut album 'The Deep End' on the 24th March through Red Bull Records. He is also taking to the road supporting Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius PIP on their massive UK tour this January and February. We caught up with iTCH before Christmas on the Vans Kevin Says Warped Tour and we can't wait to see him back on tour. Click below to find out all the tour dates and what happened when we hung out with iTCH last time he was in Leeds...

After an explosive 2013, punk MC iTCH announces the anticipated release of his debut album The Deep End. Following two EPs, a headline UK tour and two huge US tours, including a stint on the legendary Warped Tour, iTCH is finally ready to unleash his incredible debut on March 24th via Red Bull Records, now available to pre-order.

The Deep End includes the singles ‘Best Shot’, ‘Homeless Romantic’ feat. Taking Back Sunday’s Adam Lazarra and the forthcoming single ‘Life Is Poetry’, released March 17th. Other guest vocalists lending their talents to the album include US artist Matisyahu and Less Than Jake’s Roger Manganelli. 

Stream new album track ‘Children Of The Revolution’

We sat down with iTCH the last time he was in Leeds....

You’re renowned for really getting stuck in to live shows; you’re usually out in the crowds bouncing up and down. Have you had to rethink the live shows and approach them differently with your injured leg?
Yes absolutely. That’s exactly it, that’s how I get a crowd going by being everywhere. When I was forced to just use my mind and whatever came out of my mouth it was a skill that I got to practice. By the end it was a new skill and it’s made me a better MC for it. I feel that it’s rounded me more as a performer.  

You’re music is a mix of punk, hip-hop, pop; do you categories your style and influences or do you take the approach that if it works, it works? 
I see it as rebel street music. I always like bands where it’s about more than just the music and I always try and bring that in to what I do. It’s less about genre and more philosophically specific. That’s what’s really fun about being solo and this being a new project, it’s freedom.

Yeah, I was going to ask you about going from The King Blues to being on your own; I guess it could be quite daunting but are you embracing it?
Massively. Before I had to write for six people in mind and now I can sit down with just a beat and I’m having so much fun doing it.

Would you ever go back to a band, not necessarily The King Blues but…
Never [laughing]. I’m really proud of everything TKB’s achieved; we were the only band on the radio that were putting out anti-war messages and I’m glad that I got to do that as part of a group, but I feel that someone’s given me another chance now and I’m very grateful. I just believe in moving forward in life, in anything, you should always be brave and embrace the future. 

Being in the industry for over a decade and I guess it must’ve comes with its ups and downs. Do you feel that everything that’s happened along the way has all helped you get to this point?
I think every struggle has been for a reason and now I feel I’m at my peak position; I’ve learnt from my mistakes but also things that I’ve done right. Now I can take on the world feeling experienced enough and kind of know how it works enough to really make a dent.

And you’re now signed to Red Bull Records which is not necessarily conventional record label, but is that why you went with them?
This is my fourth label; I’ve done major labels, DIY labels, big indie labels, I’ve seen the way it works. When Red Bull came in it, it was so outside the box, that’s how I like to work. So many bands nowadays just go through the treadmill and I think the best thing that The King Blues did was build up our fanbase, grass roots, we had that control. Red Bull were very much about making my vision a reality, not just bringing me into their vision. I’ve had some crazy ideas and they’ve never said no to anything [laughing]. 
And I can’t leave without asking you about your very impressive shirt collection. You have a different one on every time we see you…
I shop in various places; I have a saying that “once it’s in American Apparel then it’s too late” [laughing] which has offended so many people. I try to avoid big chain stores. 

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Photo credit: Danny Peart Photography. 
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