Friday 24 May 2013

Slam Dunk Preview // Sleeping With Sirens & The Word Alive Live Review, Manchester Ritz

Not only were all Sleeping Sirens’ tour dates sell outs, venues were up-graded and re-sold out. There is a great buzz around the tour, and not just because the venues are bound to be packed but because the new album “Feel” is due out next month and the band has already announced their return in October. Let’s forget about October for one minute and concentrate on tonight. 

We went down to their headline Manchester Ritz date, ahead of their Slam Dunk appearance this weekend, to check out their live set.

First up, support band The Word Alive. 

The Word Alive are loving every minute of being on tour, playing sold-out shows with Sleeping With Sirens. Although they may be the heaviest band on the bill, their set went down a treat with the avid Manchester fans gathered tonight in The Ritz. The set begins with newest member, Luke Holland drumming heavily before the rest of the members join him on stage. A dramatic and assertive opening; the rest of the set followed suit. Front-man Telle Smooth holds nothing back and dives straight into “2012”, blasting the crowd with unclean vocals. They may be the support band but by this point in the evening the room is pretty much at capacity and they take the opportunity to win themselves some new fans.

Playing tracks from their two albums, The Word Alive’s set is high energy as they race through the enchanting but aggressive “Dragon Spell”, taken from their latest album “Life Cycles”. The distinctive riff and soaring melody of “Room 126” sets the audience in motion and chants of “wall of death” follow the song. By the final song The Word Alive has induced a circle pit at the heart of the venue. In the same dramatic fashion that the set began the close out is just as striking. As the stirring and chanting “Life Cycles” comes to an end all but singer Telle leave the stage. He finished the set singing the final lyrics acapella; “I'd rather die for what I believe, Than live a life without meaning.” Non stop movement from beginning to end and a perfect mix of melody and screams The Word Alive set was un-missable viewing. 8/10

The Word Alive play Slam Dunk Festival this weekend – Monster Energy Stage 5.50pm

And here's what happened when Sleeping With Sirens took to the stage... 

As Orlando five-piece Sleeping With Sirens take to the stage the screams become deafening. It would be fair to say that the majority of the crowd at the sold out Ritz show is female and couldn’t be more excited about the band’s return to the UK stage. With new album out 6th June, it seemed only appropriate that they opened with new track “These Things I’ve Done”, and in typical Sleeping With Sirens Fashion it’s a perfect blend of heavier elements alongside Kellin’s infamous soaring melodic vocals. The first part of the set is high octane and energetic as the band run up and down the stage and climb up on the metal boxes front of stage to songs such as the emotive “A Trophy Father’s Trophy Son”.
By the time we reach mid point in the set, the notch is turned down a little as an acoustic interlude dominates the room. “Don’t Fall Asleep At The Helm” followed “Scene Two: Roger Rabbit” captivates the audience and after the mayhem of the first half of the set this allows the fans to re-charge their batteries and revel in Kellin’s impressive vocals.

No matter whether the songs are high energy or chilled acoustic, Kellin certainly knows how to command a crowd, whether he has them shout the lyrics back at him or light the room up with their phones. And the set soon springs back to a furor with the return of the rest of the band as they blitz into the anthemic “Tally It Up, Settle The Score”. Vocally and musically on point, Sleeping With Sirens can’t be faulted; song after song each one was a crowd favourite.

Versatile and dynamic, Sleeping Sirens certainly know how to throw all their energy into a show and whatsmore it’s infectious. However all too soon the set comes to an end, but not before teasing the crowd with an encore. “What better way to end the night than to shake my hand”, laughs Kellin as he challenges the crowd to surf over the barrier to be within touching distance of him to final song “If You Can’t Hang”. The crowd doesn’t need asking twice and, from the beginning to end of the final song, the floor is electric as fans soar over the crowd to meet the main man himself.  And all too soon the night has come to an end, the only disappointment was that the set wasn’t long enough. Sleeping With Sirens didn’t play all their hits, however the ones that did make the cut were well worth it. The set was short, but oh so sweet and no complaints were heard from the sold out crowd. Job well done. 9/10

Sleeping With Sirens play at Slam Dunk Festival this weekend- Jagermeister Stage 5.45pm