Monday 13 May 2013

EP Review // POLAR “Inspire Create Destroy” released through Drop Dead Clothing on May 27th

Recently hardcore five-piece POLAR announced they had signed to Drop Dead Clothing and are now gearing up to release forthcoming EP "Inspire Create Destory" on May 27th.

Want to know what we thought of the three track EP? Click below...

Polar have been making a name for themselves in the hardcore scene since forming back in 2009 and with new three track EP “Inspire Create Destroy” released this month through Drop Dead Clothing, their success is set to continue. The EP may only contain three songs but it is a musical juggernaut, and from beginning to end is gutsy, passionate and relentless; what Polar do best.

Beginning with “Inspire”, the onslaught of heavy drums immediately sets the tone for the track and indeed the rest of the EP. Lead vocalist Adam Woodford commands the song which is filled with intricate but aggressive riffs. “Create” ups the ante even more; faster and more building, the vocals soar and with gang vocals to boot it truly is an anthem sitting right at the heart of the EP. The bleak, stripped back opening of “Destroy”, the final track on the EP, makes way for a musical ascent with complex riffs and a barrage of percussion. POLAR don’t hold back and nor would we want them to; they are full-on and unstoppable. The final track is defiant and dynamic with a lull in tempo mid-song before coming back louder, stronger and more antagonistic than before, closing out the EP on a high.

Precise but still holding down that raw edge, “Inspire Create Destory” harnesses both the power of the band’s impressive untamed live show and strong musicianship; the perfect trio of songs. And with only three tracks to get your ears around, POLAR definitely leave you wanting more. 9/10

“Inspire Create Destroy” released through Drop Dead Clothing on May 27th.