Wednesday 29 May 2013

SLAM DUNK NORTH 2013 - The Interviews // BURY TOMORROW

Bury Tomorrow have got a busy summer of festivals ahead of them and are kicking off with Slam Dunk. Playing in the Monster Energy Marquee later on in the day we caught up with Dani and Davyd to chat about pre-show nerves, writing for the new album, oh and vomiting shamrocks.

Heya guys! So, Slam Dunk’s only just begun- are you looking forward to it?
DANI [Winter-Bates, vocals]- Yeah, it’s going to be awesome. I didn’t go last year but we played the year before, and it was one of those things that we’d never done before so was really exciting. And this Slam Dunk, for us has been one of the biggest responses that we’ve had online of all the festivals that we’re playing this year, and we’re playing bigger festivals. So, we’re really excited; we walked through the crowd before and it’s already mental.

Slam Dunk is one of the first festivals and has a great atmosphere- everyone knows everyone and everyone is drunk and having fun- are you guys going to get crazy or keep it tame because you’ve got another 2 days of it?
DAVYD [Winter-Bates, bass]- Well the thing about Slam Dunk is that if you don’t go hard then you shouldn’t be here. Every single night of Slam Dunk we have to get so drunk that we can’t see colour, and after that we have to wake up and play hungover and go from there. So, we’ll be going hard every night.
DANI- And we’re playing the Ireland one as well, so like four days of Slam Dunk all together.
DAVYD- I’m going to see if I can get drunk soley on Guinness with Jameson’s shots just to be extra Irish that day. We’ll go for it and see what happens; I want to vomit a shamrock.

You’re playing on the Monster Energy stage this evening - what can we expect from your set?
DAVID- High energy, having a great time. Basically we’re just going to go really hard as we usually do and have a load of fun with the kids. We normally try to engage everyone as much as we can, so let’s see if we can, get them doing some crazy stuff.
DAVYD- I want to see at least 4,000 stage dives and fourteen circle pits. I’m quite specific with what I want and I feel that’s the way to get results. If you’re positive and you’re forward then I think you’ll get what you want.

There was a two year gap between “Portraits” and second album "The Union of Crowns" and you’ve said that you don’t want that much of a break until the next record. How is the new material coming along?
DAVID- Good, yeah. We’ve started writing already and we have some studio time in October in America, so yeah, it’s really quick. It seems like yesterday that we put “The Union Of Crowns” out, but it was such a long-winded process from “Portraits” to it. As soon as we have a gap we have to start writing, so it’s going well.
DAVYD- No promises but hopefully we’re going to give you a new song by the end of the year, and the album early next year. We’ve said already that everyone’s been so good to us in the last year and really helped us; we want to give them a new single and video this year and show fans where we’re going. It’s going to be a lot faster and heavier and just really going back to our metalcore roots; In flames, As I Lay Dying influences in there.
DANI- Too many really great metalcore bands have turned their back on being heavy, whereas we like going heavier; some of our favourites songs are the heaviest ones.
DAVYD- I think a lot of criticism gets thrown about saying you can’t reinvent the wheel, but what you can do is put spinners on a wheel and make it look badass. So that’s kind of what we’re doing.

You’ve split with your guitarist too – do you feel happier and in the best place as a band now with Kristian joining the lineup?
DANI- Yeah, it’s really comfortable now y’know. We just move forward with the mindset that we want to be a positive band. We found Kristian who is like a child; he’s just so positive and it’s the biggest opportunity he’s ever had but he’s not too starstruck in that sense. He’s a very good guitarist and he fits with us, we all get on and have a good laugh. We got in to playing music to be with our friends and have a good time, so it’s refreshing to have someone on board that hasn’t maybe experienced the things that we have.

So you guys have a lot of festivals this summer, including Download and also playing main stage at Reading and Leeds. You must be looking forward to that?
DAVYD- I’m more scared than anything else, I’ve never been more scared about a show in my life. Even today, I know the crowd are going to be great, they’re going to give me 110%. But Leeds Festival, even the very thought of playing in front of that many people, no. Our drummer says don’t mention it [laughing], he doesn’t want to even think about being on that stage. I’ve never even been to Leeds or Reading festival, so the first time I’m going is playing main stage.
DANI- I’m more confident in the fact that we’ll get to sound check and what not, we’ll have enough to ease the nerves. This year’s the year to play Reading and Leeds; it’s got Deftones, Nine Inch Nails, Bring Me The Horizon, so many bands that are actually of a heavy caliber. They can then justify putting on someone like us and it shows metal music as a whole is growing massively.

DAVYD- Yeah, we might pull out because we’re too scared [laughing].

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