Wednesday 6 March 2013

Don Broco // Live Review including Hey Vanity & Mallory Knox

Yesterday we brought you an interview with Don Broco’s front-man Rob Damiani. He chatted to us about selling out their first real headline tour, working on a “Drive” inspired alternative album, oh and the infamous “DB Push-up Squad” [to read that click HERE]
And to find out what happened when Hey Vanity, Mallory Knox & Don Broco took to the stage click below…

Don Broco take to the stage in the sold out Manchester Academy 2

Hey Vanity's front-man Marc Halls
First up tonight on the sold out bill is Chelmsford rock four-piece “Hey Vanity”. Despite being first on, they are an energetic force to be reckoned with and go down a treat with the crowd. 

Their set includes “Terry Tibbs” with its musing beginnings before kicking in to a pure rock riff and energetic chorus. An impressive cover of Outkast’s “Hey Ya” is thrown in alongside new single “Breathe, Bleed, Grow”.

Hey Vanity warm the crowd up in Manchester

Mallory Knox's Mikey Chapman

With the crowd suitably warmed up and the Academy 2 room quickly filling, second support “Mallory Knox” takes to the stage. Slightly heavier than “Hey Vanity” they storm the stage playing songs from their EPs and recent album, including “Hello” which soars out into the venue. 

A fast paced, high energy set which ends on the brilliantly infectious “Lighthouse”, it is clear that there are Mallory Knox fans present as they sing along and pull down lead singer Mikey Chapman off stage to join them.

Mallory Knox's bassist Sam Douglas on stage in Manchester

Don Broco's Simon Delaney
By this point in the evening the room is fit to burst and so too are the crowd in excitement and anticipation for the main event. A Don Broco show wouldn’t be a Don Broco show without the ritual that is their infamous “Don Broco walk”, which sees them strut onto stage in sync; the evening has officially begun. From the distinctive opening first riff of “Priorities”, the set is unrelenting; the four-piece are unstoppable as they charge up and down the stage, the energy levels matched by the sold out crowd.

For all the bravado and swagger that Don Broco have they back it up with killer hooks and melodies that can’t help but be sung along to. And, more than anything, a Don Broco show is unquestionably fun. New single “Whole Truth”, destined to be a hit, is undeniably a crowd favourite; then again every song sets the crowd in motion as they sing along word for word to Don Broco songs old and new.  

Old school Broco and another firm favourite, “Thug Workout”, sees the usual scene of the pit opening up and members of the crowd dropping to the floor competing in a push-ups competition, egged on by front-man Rob Damiani. This push-up frenzy is a certain right of passage, if you will, when attending a Don Broco show. The confident lad rockers put on an infectious and charging show. Coming to the end of the tour, Rob admits he is losing his voice but you wouldn’t know it as he blitzes through songs such as the anthemic “Back In The Day”. His distinctively powerful, yet smooth vocals lead the fast paced set and when the boys aren’t bounding up and down the stage they are pulling off a dance move or two.

Lead singer Rob Damiani on stage in Manchester 
The honesty of the lyrics Don Broco write clearly strike a chord with fans and the crowd tonight whole heartedly relate to each and every song. After a brisk exit of the stage, the band is beckoned back on to finish the tour in style. The quirky “Yeah Man” with its oscillating tempos is followed by hit single “Hold On”, before the night comes to a grand finish. “Fancy Dress” is gritty, gutsy and the chorus packs one hell of a punch. The closing song instigates one last pit from within the crowd.Watching Don Broco on their first real headline tour confirms just why it’s a sell out and the ballsy Bedford four piece prove that they definitely don’t do things by halves; a dynamic and refreshingly fun show.

Don Broco Guitarist, Simon Delaney