Sunday 24 March 2013

Crash! Radio // Complet​e Work on Forthcomin​g EP

We first told you about Crash! Radio in our Future Talent section and now the Ontario pop-rockers have just told us they've finished recording their on their forthcoming EP. 

The quintet returned to the studio in February to record the follow up to September's much lauded sophomore release, "For You, From The Heart". 

To find out more about the release and to read our interview with the band click below...

Justin Koop, the man responsible for Grade's seminal Under The Radar as well as Silverstein's debut album When Broken is Easily Fixed, is producing the record.

Speaking on their pending EP and the opportunity to work with Justin, Crash! Radio said; "We are so excited about this new EP. Justin has worked with so many great bands that we've been listening to forever. We've come to him with great material and he's made it that much better. We really think fans will be blown away by it."

We caught up with the band back in February chat about how they got together, their influences and why having a female singer is a great dynamic...

What other bands do you listen to for inspiration and influence?
We have a huge range of influences in Crash! Radio. As a group we listen to so many different bands; from Taylor Swift to The Wonder Years to A Day To Remember and everything in between.  Individually we all have our own styles that we tend to lean towards but since we all come from slightly different backgrounds it really balances out.  If we had to pick band favorites that everyone was really into we’d have to say; Go Radio, Mayday Parade, We The Kings and All Time Low.

Female fronted bands such as We Are The In Crowd and Tonight Alive are doing great at the moment. What’s it like being a part of that growing scene of bands with female vocalists?
It’s really great to see female fronted bands taking such a lead role in the scene these days. Apart from a few bands, most of the new music coming out is the same stuff over and over. Having that female vocal really freshens things up, even if it’s just a little change. The new dynamic really breathes some life into a kind of music that in some ways is getting bland and dull.

Does it add another dynamic to the band having a mix of guys and a girl?
Having Michelle in the band definitely changes things up. We act more like a family unit because of it. In a way there is sort of a big brother mentality with Michelle being a little younger. We watch out for her and equally give her a hard time. Egos are also something we’ve never had a problem with. Sometimes when you get 4 or 5 or even 6 guys in a band together there is that posturing about who is the alpha male or who is better at what etc. We get along really well in terms of us all respecting each other.

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