Friday 25 January 2013

FUTURE TALENT #16 - Streetside Vinyl

Meet Streetside Vinyl. Since taking their first steps on stage a little over a year ago they have accumulated a substantial level of attention across CaliforniaThey've played with bands such as Say Anything and Hawthorne Heightswon 2011’s Joshua Fest Battle of the Bands competition, and recorded their album "If There's A Hope"

 Vocalit/guitarist Shawn Gough took time out to chat to Est.1987 about the band's sound, career highlights and what 2013 has in store for them!

You initially formed back in 2009; how has the band and your sound changed and developed from then to now?
The band changed members since 2009.  The only original members still in the band are Greg and myself .  The final line up was solidified in 2011, and our sound definitely matured at that point.  In the early days, we were a pop punk band (emphasis on the “pop” haha).  Since we finalized our line-up, we have changed into a modern rock band that uses vintage tones to convey a more mainstream, edgy sound.  I enjoy where we have taken the music, and in our recent writing, we have begun to use more bluesy-rock influences.

You guys have been tipped to be the next Panic! At The Disco or The Hush Sound. Which bands do you look up to and which have influenced your sound?
As a band, we have very different musical tastes and interests, so it’s hard to speak for the whole group.  To name a few artists that come up a lot in conversation between us:  Switchfoot, Foo Fighters, Needtobreathe, Maroon 5, My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday

Streetside Vinyl
 California has a great music scene; what was it like growing up at the heart of that and is that what inspired you guys to form Streetside Vinyl?
The music scene has definitely taught us a lot about perseverance and the business side of the industry.  You have to really want it and devote every inch of your efforts to it in order to really make things happen.  It has been awesome being able to perform at California venues such as Chain Reaction, Whiskey-a-go-go, and Joshuafest.  We have met a wide variety of people and have thoroughly enjoyed the friendships we have gained.  The people are really what inspired us to form this band.  We want to create a sense of unity and understanding between our fans both on and off stage.  We are a bunch of Christian guys, and we hope to share that with the people we meet, even if it’s just through an honest song about life.

And the name? Why “Streetside Vinyl”?
Our original guitar player came up with it, and we thought it sounded cool. It kinda just stuck from there.

You recorded and released your debut album, “If There’s A Hope”, last year; how was that experience of writing and recoding it?
We wrote that album over a period of about six months.  During those six months, we grew so much as a band, from music style to our friendships amongst ourselves.  We wanted to write an honest album with songs that people could relate to and sing along with, again lending itself to the unity that we love about a show; everyone who is able to connect with a song can share that moment when at a show or listening to the album.

Sum up a “Streetside Vinyl” live show in one sentence…
We have a dynamic, high-energy set that we hope people can sing along with!

Streetside Vinyl
You’ve played with bands such as Say Anything and Hawthorne Heightswon 2011’s Joshua Fest Battle of the Bands competition, and of course recorded your album; what has been your career highlight so far?
There have been so many great opportunities that we have been blessed with; it’s hard to pick one.  If I personally had to pick one, I would say either the KRAB Free-for-all (where we played with Say Anything, Imagine Dragons, Walk the Moon, and Jjamz) due to the sheer scope of that event or the show we played at Chain Reaction with This Century; the Chain Reaction show had one of the best audiences I have ever shared a room with.  Shout out to Anaheim!

What does 2013 hold for you?
In 2013, we are planning to release a music video and continuing to write for our next album.  We’ve been working hard to get our music out to as many people as possible and look forward to getting some feedback on these new releases!

If There’s A Hope, the album is out now