Friday 25 January 2013

FIDLAR // Debut Album Review

“FIDLAR” is every parent’s worst nightmare; the band’s hedonistic approach and a notorious reputation is bound to leave a bad taste in any middle age authority figure’s mouth. That said, their debut, self-titled offering is setting tongues wagging, but for all the right reasons.
Released in the UK on February 4th the album comes out on the same day as single “Wait For The Man”. Est.1987 managed to get our hands on the much anticipated debut. 

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 FIDLAR’s synonymously named first full length offering is a barrage of relentless garage punk-rock tunes set to send you into frenzy. Each song a neat two minutes or so vignette, used to deliver a slice of FIDLAR life, whether that is “Cheap Beer”, “Cocaine” or the unconventionally catchy “Max Can’t Surf”.

FIDLAR is not for the faint hearted; then again, aren’t we all growing tired of the safe and sugary sweet, less reckless artists? Punk rock at its heart, songs such as the rowdy and anarchistic “Stoked And Broke” play to the band’s strengths. Recorded and self-produced, the quartet’s debut is undeniably infectious and the band undoubtedly sings about what they know. And what’s more, behind the bravado of beer, pizza and skateboarding, FIDLAR clearly adore music and have honed down their sound to a tee, though we’re not sure they would openly admit it. The band’s laid back mentality and no nonsense lyrics are direct and straight to the point; no intricate metaphors or analogies here. They aren’t going to set the lyrical world on fire, and nor are they aiming to; instead, they are refreshing and relatable. It would seem they are quite the unstoppable force. Single “Wait For The Man” in quintessentially “FIDLAR” fashion strikes a chord somewhere drifting between the Black Lips and Yuck with just enough hedonism thrown in for good measure. FIDLAR turn songs written about less than pleasant subjects, such as “Whore” and make them epic, wild and musically appealing. At times raw and energetic, at others more melodic and melancholic, the fourteen track album is dynamic and urges you to see the band’s live show.

FIDLAR is a band as intriguing as they are talented. Perfectly reckless, they are the kids you want at your party. Just so long as you don’t mind your entire house getting trashed in the process, because quite frankly “FIDLAR” don’t give a f**k. And they make not giving a f**k look pretty damn cool. And if you were wondering, FIDLAR is an acronym for Fuck It Dog Life’s A Risk. So go ahead, take that risk because FIDLAR will more than likely be your new favourite rebels.

Catch FIDLAR on tour in February for what is sure to be an unmisable show..

21 Birmingham Academy 3
22 Dublin Academy 2
24 Bristol Louisiana
25 London The Garage
26 Oxford Academy 2
27 Brighton The Haunt
28 Leeds Cockpit