Thursday 13 December 2012

FUTURE TALENT #15- Life On The Sideline

Meet Life on the Sideline. Originating from Hartford, Connecticut, the pop-punk quintet are making a name for themselves on the scene, despite only being together one year. Having already supported the likes of "I Call Fives" and "State Champs" their infectious anthems are pulling in fans left, right and centre. 

Before supporting fast rising Pop Punk icons "Major League" for part of their December US tour vocalist, Nick DiCiancia took time out to sit down with Est.1987 to talk influences, recording the E.P and putting the band together via "Craiglist".

You guys formed in 2011 and you met through an online advert. You’ve been in bands in the past; did it click between you straight away and what was it that made you know that it was right this time around??
It's always weird meeting potential band members for the first time, especially when you've all met each other through the use of “Craigslist”. The band started off with Joe, Ralph, and myself (Nick). When we first all met, the three of us clicked instantly.  It was like looking into the mirror; we all shared the same drive and passion for music. Immediately I knew that Joe and Ralph shared the same dream I had since I was a kid.  They looked at music as much more than just a hobby, it's who they are.  It's just refreshing to see people who have the same mindset as you.  Later on we met our bass player Eddie and second guitarist, Steven. The five of us just work as a whole. 

You worked with producer Ryan Moge and released the EP Outpatient; how was that experience? Was it new for you guys or have you worked in that environment before?
Most of us have worked in studios in previous bands, but all of our past experiences had been with "engineers" who just cared about the pay check they get at the end of the day.  It didn't matter what your song sounded like, as long as they got their money.  Ryan Moge from Valiant recording and engineering, based out of Chicopee, Massachusetts, is the complete opposite of this. He cares about the music; he cares about helping bands to fossilize their lives.  I know I speak for the band as a whole when I say this, but Ryan has helped push us into being the best we can be.  We can't see ourselves recording with anyone else, we consider him to be a sixth member to this band. He's a great person and an even better producer. 

Life On The Sideline

Which bands/artists are you guys influenced by?
It really all depends on what we're listening to at the time orwhere we are in our lives; a lot of factors contribute to the bands we listen to and have listened to.  Personally, the artists that influence me are always changing.  At the moment I've been listening to a lot of “Acacia Strain” and “Transit”.  A few weeks from now I'm sure it'll change. As a whole, our influences range all over the genre spectrum. 

How do you go about writing? Is it a group, collective effort or do you go off and do your own bits and bring it all together at a later stage?
Each song always ends up being written differently.  It really depends on how we're feeling. Sometimes I'll be over the top angry or depressed and that'll spark a dark song.  But other times it's the opposite, resulting in a more upbeat positive vibe.  For the most part, Ralph or I will start off with an idea and bring it to practice.  From there we work off each other and throw around ideas.  The main thing we strive for, always, is putting out the best work we can at the time.

"Outpatient" the EP
 You’re playing with Major League this month; what do you enjoy about touring and playing live?
Playing shows is the reason we're a band.  I could be having the worst week of my life, but if I know a show is a few days away it always seems to keep me going.  For 30 minutes I have the chance to let everything I'm feeling out and am exactly who I am, and hopefully leave those who listen to us with a positive message.  Believe me, I know better than anyone that sometimes the only option seems to be giving up.  But you can't, you just have to keep working towards the next day and doing whatever makes you happy.  That's a big thing for us, doing what we love.  I've been unhappy for 20 years and am finally starting to do what's good for me.  My point is, playing shows and being in this band, and working on music is what makes me and the rest of this band happy.

What can fans expect from a Life On The Sideline show?
Energy and honesty.

You’ve played shows with the likes of I Call Fives and State Champs; who else would you love to be sharing a line-up with?
We've had the awesome opportunity to share the stage with great bands like “I Call Fives” and “State Champs”. Any line-up with our best friend’s bands are always the best, but a few we'd love to play with are “Balance and Composure” and “Transit”. There are so many talented bands out there I could sit here for hours and list them off!

As I said, you’ve only been together a year; so what does the next year hold for Life On The Sideline?
A lot. It will be a busy year for sure.  Expect a new EP and some tours.

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