Sunday 1 April 2012

D.R.U.G.S // Live Review - 02 Academy, Leeds

A year ago and Est.1987 were hanging out with new band Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows [D.R.U.G.S] as they played Leeds Cockpit. We chatted all things music, their fans and being on the top of their game. Read that full interview HERE. Fast forward to the present and tonight we head down to the vastly larger venue, Leeds 02 Academy, to see the “post-hardcore supergroup” take to the stage as the main support for Hollywood rockers “Black Veil Brides”.

Front-man Craig Owens
One by one the members of D.R.U.G.S approach the stage: last, but not least, the enigmatic front-man Craig Owens [ex- Chiodos] struts in front of the audience; the show has begun. The swelling crowd, eager to see the American post-hardcore act, lunge towards the band: their set already sparking energy from the sold out crowd before the first song has even begun. The anthemic and stirring “The Only Thing That You Talk About” is followed by the more bewitching “Graveyard Dancing”, both from their 2011 self-titled debut. As their set continues it is clear that D.R.U.G.S UK fanbase is a strong, loyal, and possible hybrid of their fans from former bands. They sing along contently and hang on Craig’s every word as he challenges them to create circle pits and walls of death, to which they valiantly oblige. The set list flows effortlessly from “My Swagger Has A First Name” to “Laminated E.T. Animal” as bassist Nick Martin [ex- Underminded] and guitarist Matt Good [ex- From First To Last] playfully command and tease the crowd.

D.R.U.G.S bassist Nick Martin
Infectious single and obvious  favourite “Sex Life” causes the entire Academy to ignite; the crowd, from the floor to the balcony, were captivated. “What an amazing orgy this has been” laughs Craig afterwards and the crowd responds by hitting out harder and faster in the following song “Mr. Owl Ate My Metal Worm”.  

Craig Owens on stage in Leeds

“Let out some pain with some microphone psychiatry”, Craig bellows as he announces the closing song: “If You Think This Song Is About You…” he shouts “…It Probably Is”, the audience finish off for him. D.R.U.G.S prove tonight that their enthralling blend of rhythmic hardcore and catchy melodies deserves a headline slot because, if tonight’s audience is anything to go by, their fans can’t wait until their return!