Monday 27 October 2014

8123 TOUR SPECIAL // THE MAINE, Live Review & Photo Set- Electric Ballroom, London

The 8123 World Tour made a stop in London last week which meant our favourite Arizonians, The Maine, were back in town. Joined on the road by Nick Santino and Lydia, both of whom are on the band’s own management, (aptly named 8123), the night was set to be a sure fire rock hit. The last time we caught up with the headliners they were in the UK supporting Deaf Havana, so we took the opportunity to catch up with the band before the show in Camden’s Electric Ballroom. 

Click below for the live review and see the photo-set from the show…

The Maine is winding down on their world tour as the year comes to a close. However they certainly aren’t slowing things down tonight as they storm the London stage in high spirits, bursting into the percussive ‘Take What You Can Carry’. And from the first instant, the crowd is gripped. From here on in we are taken on a musical journey; it was great to hear older tracks, such as ‘Right Girl’ and ‘Kiss And Sell’, still being played live.

They may be playing to a huge crowd, but The Maine have a knack of heightening the intimacy, making their audience feel like they are only but a few. Front man John O’Callaghan urges fans to put away their phones and just enjoy the moment as they impress with anthems ‘Love and Drugs’ and the vintage-feeling ‘Misery’. Awash with epic guitar solos and soaring choruses, the set is a feast for the ears. And never ones to take life too seriously their set is filled with joking and revelry; “this one goes out to Ariana Grande” they jest. However, when they do talk seriously it is to thank the fans for allowing them to be able to play music. “Don’t spend time doing something that you hate” preaches John, to which the crowd cheers in agreement. And all too soon the evening has come to a close; ‘We’ll All Be…” is given a makeover as Nick Santino and Lydia join the stage for one last sing-a-long to finish the night in style.

The Maine is renowned for putting on an authentic rock and roll show, and tonight saw them step things up even further and deliver the best set we’ve seen to date. It’s funny, because they are a band that has very definitely undergone changes sonically; indeed they’ve come a long way since their neon paint and matching clothes days, as Nick Santino pointed out (HERE).  However, judging by the crowd in the Ballroom tonight, both old and new, the evolution of the band has affirmed their musical style and if anything made them stronger. We simply can’t get enough of The Maine and it is apparent that neither can the Camden crowd. With a new album in the pipeline it is time to bid a fond farewell to ‘Forever Halloween’ and start a new chapter in the New Year! 9/10

Photo credit: Nathen McVittie Photography