Wednesday 28 September 2011

“This won't stop till I say so” - Breathe Carolina take on Leeds Cockpit

Sunday 25th September
As the Est.1987 team arrives at the Cockpit ahead of tonight’s gig, the already substantial queue is growing rapidly. Along the extensive line there is a inpatient buzz in the air - Breathe Carolina are back in town and waiting to be let loose on the Cockpit

David Schmitt and Kyle Even admit that Leeds Cockpit holds a special place in their hearts and they are excited to be back here: the crowd reciprocates this sentiment. With Tyler Mae and Tek One in support tonight it makes for a valiant line-up. However tonight is all about one band. 
Breathe Carolina take to the stage at Leeds Cockpit
Breathe Carolina, plus touring band members, take to the stage and immediately bring The Cockpit to life. This is a band that understands the meaning of “performance”. Don’t expect to go to a Breathe Carolina show and be able to remain static. If songs such as “Sweat It Out” and a cover of Jay Sean's “Down” don’t already have you pogo-ing to the beat then Kyle and David will make sure you are! 

Between blasting out hit tracks such as “Hello Fascination” and “I.D.G.A.F”, one half of the Denver born duo, Kyle, makes his way off stage and leaves the room. The rest of the band continues on stage as the crowd look at each other, with bemused faces, for reassurance. Emerging from the back of the room, Kyle makes his way through the crowd, placing himself front, centre stage. The set now continues as Kyle rocks out from within the crowd, drawing everyone in to the party. 

                                                                                           Breathe Carolina cover Jay Sean's Down

Breathe Carolina’s set is none stop, fast paced and climaxes with new single and crowd favourite, “Blackout”. Combine that with impressive lighting effects and Breathe Carolina truly know how to put on a show. They have done the Cockpit proud once again. The only question on everyone’s lips tonight is… when are the boys back in town?
Kyle Even on stage at Leeds Cockpit

(Photo credit - Tom Williams)