Monday 28 April 2014

Beartooth // Live review, Manchester Ritz

You may recognise Beartooth front-man from US band Attack Attack! but Caleb Shomo’s new five piece is back in the UK storming up and down the country on the Of Mice and Men tour. After hearing the band’s debut EP and anticipating the new album, which is released in June, we were eager to head down to see their live show.

 Est.1987 went to check them out at Manchester Ritz. Click below to read our review…

It may be Beartooth’s first outing in the UK and they may be the first band on the bill this evening, but the Ohio quintet’s set certainly makes its mark. ‘Set Me On Fire’ is the perfect opener; its slow musing beginnings make way for front-man Caleb Shomo’s dominant and aggressive vocals which set the stage alight. A burst of energy, unclean screaming vocals are effortlessly blended with a high octane soaring chorus, culminating in a huge instrumental breakdown and a screaming finale. It’s only the first song of the night and already the crowd is electric.

Shomo is a dominant force on stage – the audience aren’t getting off lightly and nor would they want to, it would seem. Circle pits reign supreme as the bustling crowd through themselves into the metalcore five-piece’s set. Highlight of the show comes in the form of ‘Pick Your Poison’ taken from Beartooth’s debut EP, ‘Sick’. Anthemic and building, ‘Pick Your Poison’ is unrelenting; “I’m not useless, I’m just the King of excuses” echoes Shomo over and over. A catchy refrain set against gritty unclean vocals, the track is epic amongst the grandeur of Manchester Ritz.


Shomo seems reinvigorated since his days in Attack Attack! and although Beartooth aren’t as polished in their performance as some of the other bands on the bill , they’re just as captivating to watch. Raw and electric, their performance is all consuming and they confidently hold the room. Their set may only be short but it gets the night off perfectly to a flying start. Vocally Shomo is on point and dominates the stage, whilst the rest of the band are stellar in performance. ‘I Have A Problem’ closes Beartooth’s first jaunt on UK shores. Like the rest of the set it is fast paced, thrashing and a fine balance between the melodic and scream. Kamron Bradbury even takes this opportunity to venture out and throw himself amongst the front few rows. Beartooth have certainly stamped their mark on the UK live scene, and with an album in June they are definitely ones to watch. We have a feeling it won’t be long until they’re on a debut headline UK tour, and we can’t wait. 8/10