Sunday 9 February 2014

Mayday Parade // Interview with Derek Sanders

Mayday Parade is back in the UK. New album 'Monsters In The Closet' came out last year and the five-piece has been riding a wave of success since then. The bands' fourth album in their career has taken things to the next level. The band were playing to a sold out Leeds Cockpit and we couldn't wait to catch up with them.
We caught up with front-man Derek Sanders to chat about and their huge fanbase, working on the new record and their Topman obsession...

Heya guys! So you’re back in the UK- how’s the tour been going so far? Is it your first tour of 2014?
It’s been incredible so far, the tour has been flying by. Every show has been a blast and we’re with amazing bands and people. This is the first tour of the year it’s been great to kick things off with such a solid tour.

Is it easy to get back into the swing of things after the Christmas break or did you all eat a few too many mince pies?
[Laughing] It’s always nice to have some time at home, especially around the holidays. We enjoyed our time off and we were ready to get back to work. It’s a balance.

We’re in February now; how are the New Year’s resolutions going?
I don’t have any! I never make any, I think it’s sort of a silly concept. If you wanna make a change in your life you have to just make it, but I suppose if it helps some people then that’s cool.

You’ve played over in the UK and Europe lots of times now- is it your second home?        
It has sort of become that, it’s the place we’ve been to the most other than the US. It’s cool to play places that we’ve been a bunch of times and now what to expect. It doesn’t feel as foreign as the first time you go somewhere.

We hear you like the odd UK clubnight too- at Leeds Cockpit right? Oh and Topman?      
We love all of that. I’m looking forward to the club night tonight at the cockpit, we’ve had many good times right here. The after parties in the UK are always pretty crazy.

So your fourth album ‘Monsters In The Closet’ has been out since October. Is it nice properly seeing the fans response now first hand on tour?
It’s always great to play new material and see how it goes over live. Very interesting and rewarding. Some of my favourite songs to play on this tour and the new ones.

It seems like this album that you’ve come into your own- would you say it’s the truest to yourselves?
I think so. We’ve just learned a lot along the way and at this point we feel like we have a pretty good grasp of our sound and how we operate best. Writing together has become a very natural, stress-free experience.

You worked with Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount on it; you’ve worked with them before so I guess that helps the process too right?
It certainly helps being with people as creative and talented as them. They’re so much fun to work with.

Being a band for 8 years now I guess you must have seen bands come and go and how at times the scene is quite fickle and fast moving. You have a huge fanbase which is still increasing; I guess that is testament to your music which is reflected in the chart position of the latest album?
I guess so, we’re very aware of how things could start to plateau or drop off for us at anytime, but we haven’t seen signs of it yet. We’re happy to keep moving forward.

The same way that you looked up to bands for inspiration when you were first starting I guess kids are looking up to you guys now as their musical inspiration. Is that quite nice? And nice getting out on the road meeting these kids?
t’s an incredible feeling and very humbling. We try to go out after every show and meet fans so they know how much we appreciate their support.

What else looking to achieve and what are your plans for 2014?
We just want to keep things going the way they’ve been going. It’s been a blast so far, we’ve done some incredible things in the last 8 years and we just hope we can keep it up. Musically we want to keep challenging ourselves and growing our sound with each album and just have fun along the way.