Thursday 12 December 2013

Findlay // Live Review, Manchester Sound Control

Ahead of catching Findlay on tour we caught up with her to chat about being out on the road, her Manchester roots and chips and gravy. It’s safe to say she had us pretty hyped about the live show. CLICK HERE to read the preview interview.
We headed down to the last date of the tour at Manchester’s Sound Control, a homecoming show for the female rocker. Click below to read our live review…

In a preview interview with the main woman herself, Findlay had promised us high energy, sweaty venues and cheep beer and the show certainly delivered. The intimate Sound Control was filled with an air of excitement as Natalie Findlay took to the stage. Fashion forward, she is dressed in a not so modest multi-coloured skintight one-piece jumpsuit, black biker boots and a festive Santa hat; all eyes definitely on her. The fact that she looks incredible isn’t enough to carry an entire show, however that’s not a problem as vocally Findlay is on point. The acapella opening during ‘Sweetheart’ proves she means business and her voice echoes out over the packed venue.

Tracks such as ‘Your Sister’ are raw and percussive and filled with angsty vocals. Findlay commands the mic and stage; a great front woman backed by a tight all male band. Blasting through the more upbeat and infectious ‘Gin On The Jukebox’, and the slower ‘Stoned and Alone’ (which Findlay plays guitar on), the set shows off a great array of her talents. A true northerner and one woman powerhouse she is ballsy with punk rock confidence and instills a contagious energy tonight at Manchester’s Sound Control.

The set is an impressive mix of tracks and showcases Findlay’s vocal talent. ‘Black Cloud’ slows things down and, as the only ballad of the show it acts as the perfect interlude. More composed, letting her voice do all the action, the entire room is mesmerized. ‘I Had To Try It Once’ is more upbeat with a strong pop chorus which encourages the room to move and join in. ‘Off & On’ is mellow and gritty, building into a cacophony of sounds before making way for a killer hook and riff. ‘Off & On’, an eclectic piece, which ends the night sums up Findlay’s unique style and is great to watch live. A great show was to be expected with it being a hometown crowd, however, tonight was the climax to a successful tour all round. And with a debut album on the horizon, expected summer 2014, Findlay is definitely one to watch out for. 8/10