Sunday 15 September 2013

Rise Against // Album Review ‘Long Forgotten Songs’

Formed in 1999, it is safe to stay that Rise Against have firmly stamped their mark on the modern punk rock scene. Fast forward fourteen years and the Chicago four-piece is back with ‘Long Forgotten Songs’, a compilation of B-sides and covers 2000-2013.

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Boasting an impressive 26 tracks, ‘Long Forgotten Songs’ is an eclectic mix of older and newer songs now allowed to be given the credit they deserve. Neatly packaged together, the album is a slick affair bringing together punkier anthems, infectious tunes and numerous cover versions. ‘Historia Calamitatum’ it is a fast, furious opener with a soaring chorus truly kicking off the album in style. ‘Death Blossoms’, made famous via the Guitar Hero game, is a percussive, stirring anthem filled with catchy hooks and an impressive instrumental. Equal in rise and fall, heavy and melodic it is somewhat of a masterclass on how to write a punk rock song.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that ‘Long Forgotten Songs’ is purely angry punk hardcore tunes, because it includes much more. ‘Everchanging’ is effortless with Tim Mcllrath’s raspy vocals perfectly gliding over the acoustic track. Here Rise Against show another string to their bow and the track is truly enchanting. Impressive throughout, the entire album flits from upbeat anthems to slower melodies and everything inbetween. ‘But Tonight We Dance’ is dynamic and eclectic and the stand out track on the entire record. Its slower musing opening makes way for a soaring, powerful chorus. Dynamic vocals are also shown off on cover versions of tracks such as Nirvana’s ‘Silver’ and ‘Making Christmas’. The album is passionate and well refined and closes out in style with a live, gritty cover of Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Ghost of Tom Joad’.

This isn’t a compilation of songs that weren’t good enough to make the album cut first time around. ‘Long Forgotten Songs’ is a well rounded compilation filled with infectious, re-freshed tunes. Nor is this purely for long standing Rise Against fans. Sure fans will love it, but if you’re new to Rise Against, firstly- where have you been? And secondly, it’s not too late as ‘Long Forgotten Songs’ is the perfect introduction to the band. 8/10