Tuesday 20 August 2013

Lawson Tour Preview // Interview with Support Band- PAIGHTON

Last week we announced that Nottingham four-piece, Paighton, will be supporting Lawson on their tour which starts in September. This week we were lucky enough to catch up with Joe Atkinson from the band to chat about touring, the added dynamic of having two singers and gearing up to release their debut music video in September.

Click below to read the interview in full and find out where you can catch the tour…

So, first things first- for people who haven’t heard of you guys how would you sum up your music and where did the name Paighton come from?
Sonically, I'd say our music is a blend of pop/rock with a country twist. It's very piano driven but also makes use of banjo, mandolin and strings - generally not your every day instruments. The songs in themselves are quite poppy, but we love to crank up the guitar and introduce a rock riff or a solo every now and then. We make a point of focusing on the lyrics, which are often incredibly emotional and consequently quite thought-provoking. I like to think we could be a suitable soundtrack to that twilight country drive in an old 60's Mustang! Each song definitely details a story and I think you can definitely associate that vintage vibe with certain parts of the music. Paighton is my middle name, however it's also the name of a character in a TV show I love. Andy also has a distant relative who bears the name. Not the most interesting of origins but we felt that it summed up what we were going for - a sense of maturity, conciseness and intrigue in two syllables.

You have two singers which is quite unusual and I guess gives you that edge and more to play around with?
It definitely gives us a wider range of options to play with. Andy and I have pretty different voices in terms of texture and feel, however when brought together they compliment each other extremely well, in our opinion. Having two singers allows us to really play around with harmony, which many people have said is one of our strongest attributes. We tend to swap vocal parts a lot - at some points Andy will sing the harmony and I'll sing the main tune, and before you know it we've changed around. We think it keeps things a lot more exciting, and opens us up to a variety of different vocal scenarios that wouldn't necessarily be possible if we had just the one singer.

You’ve just announced that you’re going to be supporting Lawson- are you looking forward to the tour?
We honestly can't wait. Playing venues of that size is a dream come true - we can't thank the Lawson boys enough for taking us out with them. We're currently deep in rehearsal, practicing the set for the tour. Getting to play to thousands of people each night in different cities around the UK - we still can't quite believe it. We've been working towards this for a long time though, so we're going to give it everything we've got and try to make the most of the opportunity in every way possible.

Are you looking excited to getting out on big stages? What can we expect from your live show?
Of course - chances like this don't come along every day. We're so excited to play those huge stages for all of these people. We love touring, so being out for a whole month is really getting us hyped up. In terms of the live show, you can expect four guys putting their blood, sweat and tears into every song they play. We've been touring and playing shows regularly now for the past five years, so we're going to relish this opportunity and try to win listeners over. We love a challenge, so we hope the Lawson fans will be kind enough to give us the chance! 

You’re also heading out with Tyler Hilton and you’ve hinted at some headline dates- a busy few months for you guys then?
Definitely - and busy is always good! Tyler is an incredible singer/songwriter from the US. He also acted in the hit US TV show 'One Tree Hill' and did an amazing job in that, so we're hugely excited to be a part of his UK tour. We'll actually be performing a special acoustic set at each of those shows - just Andy and myself on guitars - so it'll be fun to shake things up a bit. That
tour will definitely provide a great chance for people to see us in a different light. With regards to the headline dates, I can't say too much yet, other than we will be playing a few in December to test the water and see how people respond to us in that kind of setting. We thought it'd be nice to give people who see and potentially like us on the Lawson/Tyler tours the opportunity to hear more of our songs, in a smaller and more intimate environment.

Your debut EP came out in June and you’ve got your debut video “Drive” out in September. You’ve leaked some teasers of the video- what can we expect from it? Will it be the same style as the songs on the three track EP?
The debut EP was more of a starter, whereas the upcoming EP is your main meal. The first record tested the water and helped us develop a foundational sound. Although not too dis-similar, the new EP, I feel, is a natural progression from the first batch of tracks. It takes what we created on 'Chapter I' and advances it, both in terms of musicality and lyricism. 'Chapter II' really defines what we're going for as a band, and collectively exhibits a group of songs that are more closely related aurally. Each song tells a story, and we tried to include an extended range of sounds such as banjo, mandolin, strings, organ and harmonica in all tracks. It definitely delves deeper into the country-pop genre, but at the same time it still sounds like the same band from EP number one. We're really looking forward to releasing this one!

And finally, what else do you guys have coming up this year- can we expect another EP?
At the moment we're currently focusing on releasing our debut single, 'Drive', in September. The music video will debut on September 8th, with the single dropping on Itunes shortly after. Our new EP, 'Chapter II:Drive' will then hit Itunes and other online stores in mid-October, partway through the Lawson tour. The plan is to promote the single and EP for the rest of the year via online press and consistent touring. We hit the road with Tyler a day after the Lawson tour finishes, and as soon as we return home there are only a few weeks before we head back out on our headline run. One thing we like to make sure of is we always have something to work towards. We do as much as we can for the band and put 100% into everything we're lucky enough to be a part of. That being said, we're going to make this new release our lives for the next few months and tour it incessantly. Then we'll be back in the studio for EP number 3 in Spring!