Sunday 19 August 2012

Merthyr Rock Festival Preview // Futures Interview

Merthry Rock, the UK's new 3 day alt/rock festival in the heart of Wales is back for its second year.This boutique festival brings together a mix of indie and rock bands, both home-grown talent and from further afield. FUTURES are set to play the festival on the Friday night and we caught up with the four piece to chat to them more about the event, the new record and all their festival "do's and don't's"!

Heya guys, you’re playing the Merthyr Rocks Festival in Wales; are you looking forward to it and is that what summer is about for your guys- out at different festivals hanging with your friends in bands?
ANT [West, vocals]- Yeah I heard about it last year and it sounds really cool. We’re playing with Razorlight and Saves The Day which is mad as we listened to them when we were younger.
CHRISTIAN [Ward, bass]- That is what summer is all about yeah; yesterday at Boardmasters Festival would have been ideal but we didn’t get there until so late
CASEY [Roarty, guitar]- All the sun had gone and it was freezing; we were all in shorts and didn’t bring jumpers or coats.
GEORGE [Lindsay, drums]- It was next to the sea; so cold!

You left Mercury and set up Indigo to release “The Karma Album”. Your last EP [“The Holiday”] came out in 2010; is it nice to finally have a full length release out to show musical progression and a new dynamic to the band?
ANT- Yeah, I mean it’s coming up to two years since we started writing the new album and then recorded it eighteen months ago. So to have everyone listening to your old stuff when you have new stuff written is kind of weird so it’s good to get it out. 

So, what are your top festival tips; do’s and don’t’s?
CASEY- Bring suitable clothing [laughing] for all weathers!
CHRISTIAN- Take wellies, which we always forget, to keep your feet dry.
GEORGE- Don’t let Christian go off on his own for too long; he won’t come back.
CHRISTIAN- Oh and the food, that’s our main issue! Don’t trust the catering! Don’t eat!
ANT- Don’t assume that the catering is going to be good. There’s only been like one time where it’s been good.  
CASEY- Bring toilet roll!
ANT- Avoid everyone with face paint and UV paint.
CHRISTIAN- Getting quite a long list here
CASEY- Not many “do’s”
ANT- Do have fun though, embrace everyone and free hugs, that’s been done.

You guys always seem super busy- what’s next for you?
ANT- We have a festival in September and that’s pretty much it and after that working on a new record. We’ve written bits already so just working on them.

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Merthyr Rock festival takes place from Friday 31st August- Sunday 2nd September in the beautiful historic Cyfarthfa Park. As well as the headliners other acts announced so far include: Deaf Havana, Saves The Day, Yashin, Arcane Roots, Lower Than Atlantis, We Are The Ocean, Exit Ten, Future of The Left, Straight Lines, Shadows Chasing Ghosts, Reaper In Sicily, Dead Wretched,  The People The Poet, The Lash, The Undivided and loads more to come.

Tickets are available now-
Weekend tickets- £65 
Day tickets- £20-25
Camping at Grawen Farm is £15 per person, for 3 nights (Fri, Sat, Sun)
For updates & tickets:
Twitter: @merthyrrock #mrock